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Oh hi there.


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So I may or may not be getting back into the swing of things. Was gone for what, about a year?


I may or may not have two tanks of greatly differing sizes (Fluval Spec V & a 90 gallon drilled)(thanks again Jimbo!!) just laying around waiting for some salty goodness to enter. We still have till December for the set-up

Also new job. You guys can now find me at the gallery of glorious fish (Fish Gallery)

Sorry Ty, I won't be working walking distance from your tank anymore ;P

Hopefully this run around will go better than last time. I'll be able to have my first sump-y system. A little scary for me but I maintained the old (2,500 gallon) and new (637 gallon) fish systems at PetSmart the last 3 years with no issues.

I am currently running a 65 gallon planted tank with angels, tetras, bottom feeders galore, and lots of love


^only tank related photo on my phone right now. I know, shame on me

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Ahhh here we are. FTS of the 65


Beautiful sideways screenshot of the turt turt tank of my brothers. We FINALLy built a dock for them. Each turtle is about a foot long in shell length and about 7ish pound a piece last time we checked. My brother moved out to Manor, and is holding onto the 90 for me in his garage till I get moving.


Only pic I have of the 90 was the day we picked it up from Jumbo's before my brother decided he no longer wanted a second tank.


I have also since my last time being here introduced this little noodle of cuteness into my family/zoo. Webster the King Snake

Also have a 16 gallon terrarium running as a Leopard Frog tank for all the tadpoles that were shipped with our feeder goldfish this summer


Floor tanks FTW!


Oh, and I got this for my birthday <3

Because I'm a weirdo and plecos are my favorite fish. Love me some bottom feeders


And obligatory terrible potato quality Squeegee video. (Yes, I named him Squeegee, no he will not live his entire life in a 65)

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Hi! Nice to meet you! Stunning 65 fresh water. Gorgeous! I've had a couple of tadpoles too [emoji1] They are fun to watch, and easy! Does your snake hide most the time? I know they can be shy little dudes. I had a ball python years ago. Then I married a person with a phobia of everything so it had to go [emoji20] He even asks if the animals in my tank are poisonous. He pitched a fit when I brought home a lion fish for my last tank. Then I would hand feed it. I think he had 911 on hold every time. Anywho, welcome back! Can't wait to see the new tank build [emoji1] [emoji216] [emoji196] [emoji225]

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Haha thanks guys!

Webster is pretty social. He loves to burrow but also likes watching everything. He's probably the least shy snake I know [emoji14]

I'm super excited to be back, and very tempted to go ahead and get the 5 gallon running since it won't be a huge PITA to move later on

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