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  1. Thanks for the info. I found it the day it ran out and it was on a Saturday after business hours so I couldn't get it refilled until Monday. I couldn't believe that such a small swing was able to start a cascade of STN in most of my acro's and also a couple of montis. Bummer but iI guess it's part of this reefing game we play. Your tank looks good by the way.
  2. Wow Ty, I shouldn't be surprised by how awesome your tank is but I always am! You are a master water keeper that's for sure.
  3. Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I have been on here. I have had lots of ups and downs with the reef but I am in it for the long haul. The tank pretty much runs itself with automation and I only have to get involved with things every month or so. Almost all of the acropora I had died when my co2 tank ran out and the alk swung down for just 2 days, really a bummer because i can't afford to replace them all right now but I am just trucking along with what lived. No fish deaths for 2018 so pretty happy about that. If you have any questions ask away if not I hope you enjoy my non profess
  4. Thsnks! About a 25 on no3 and .07 for po4. Po4 will drop if I don't feed frozen everyday. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  5. I warned you not to in the description. All the default stuff is not very good. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  6. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  7. JasReef

    Zen reef

    Have you tried building an obsession? https://buildinganobsession.com/products/modular-frag-racks I received an email from BAO a couple years ago saying that zen reef basically took BAO's design so they should be very similar. I have nothing to do with either companies, just passing along information here.
  8. In my experience it comes back in the same spot because it likes the conditions, probably low flow where food and fish poop settle. I have little tiny spots where it shows up every once in a while so now I just proactively blow those spots off and I hardly ever see it. I think cyano is like ick, it is in every aquarium but doesn't show up if proper husbandry is applied regularly but it is always waiting for the right conditions to make a come back. I have used chemiclean without issues a couple times, I don't know what is in it, some say antibiotics, but I am highly doubtful using it will
  9. I agree with the fish. I have been thinking of rehoming most of my large fish and then change to the smaller cryptic fish. I have a chalk bass I love, out all the time, and a red stoplight cardinal I see once every 2 months. Your tank is amazing! Those corals are impressive! Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  10. Definitely a long video but for non geniuses like me I need the extra time to let it sink in. Lol Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  11. I found this video and I pretty much use this method. Rock steady and super easy to control. The mechanical switch gets a workout but that's what it is for. Going on 2 years now and no issues. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  12. I add it into my frozen mix as well. I think of it like a dash of salt and pepper for their food. Here is an interesting video I watched last night. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  13. I watched this last night. I can't believe how much crud was under that. 3 five gallon buckets worth! He won't need to buy media for the carx anytime soon.
  14. My house is 10 years old. They say the ducting is good, I hope they are right. I am going with a 16.5seer rating on the new model and the old one is 13. I hope to see a decrease in the electric bill but not counting on it.
  15. The A/C will be out until we replace the entire system on Wednesday. The tank topped out at 84F. and usually runs between 78-80F. I think it will be good and maybe the increase in heat will cause some fish to spawn. I always keep some water bottles frozen just in case so I was putting those in the sump. The PH topped out at 8.5 and usually runs 8.05-8.3. It was a good thing it happened now instead of the middle of summer. On a side note how much would you expect to pay for a good central air conditioning unit for a 3200 sqft. house?
  16. Can anyone guess based on the picture what happened in my house on Saturday?
  17. I love the schematic and set up of this system. I see it working similar to mine. a dual with 2 x1.5" drains. I did not tee off my main drain but I can see the advantage of sending a little bit over to the fuge. Very elegant with letting gravity due all the work and not having to plug in a pump to feed an external fuge/frag tank. I just ended up running a pump from the return section of sump to feed a 40 gallon tank. You have done a great job of maximizing space under there.
  18. Some pics from tonight. All montis except one oddball in this pic. Also not permanent placement of the monti cap. Love the colors on this Male Blond Naso tang. He is my first tang, bought him almost 3 years ago. I am worried about him clipping corals, fast swimmer and large. Jedi Mind Trick ( the trick is this is a green coral with red polyps and a blue/purple edge but we still love them) I don't think this is a branching setosa montipora. It is some kind of encrusting variety. Super slow grower compared to the setosa. Current location of clam.
  19. Very nice. Nothing seems to beat algea better than good old manual removal. Also, urchins rock! I know Tim you are big on no skimmer, did you permanently turn it off? Do you see a correlation to algea and skimmer use or was it just incidental that you turned it off? Regardless the tank looks great. I know your clients are happy!
  20. I have used a float valve in my sump with a gravity ATO for 2 years now with no issues. Part of daily maintenance is inspecting critical pieces like that to ensure proper functioning. A good float costs about 20$. I have yet to figure out how using plugged in machines with optical eyes and such is more trustworthy than a basic float valve for an ATO?
  21. It has been a while so here are some updated pictures of the tank. The left side of tank. Middle Right Side In the last picture you can see that the urchin is taking the clam for a spin around the tank. The clam is now all the way on the left side of tank but it seems happy so who am I to judge their friendship? Clam stopped to take a selfie with the rainbow ricordias. I imagine if it had hands it would be throwing up the peace sign with one. Happy Duncan Trying a gonipora. Blue light.
  22. It is just some coral gum for attaching frags. Thanks for the compliments on the plumbing Wade. I bought the blue PVC from BRS. As far as getting it to look clean test fit every pipe and make sure they are tight, so I basically put it together twice. There is a Hayward true union ball valve right below the OM. It has an orange handle.
  23. The algea patch, which looked like bryopsis, had to be covered. It doesn't look great but I have used the method before to cover/kill small patches.
  24. I agree the pukani is great for frag plugs. I also use a power drill, chisel, and hammer to make lots of caves. the fish love it. Just be sure to clean or cook the rock, it always has a lot of gunk inside those holes.
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