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  1. Need a protein skimmer for a ~100gal temporary tank.
  2. All rocks gone. Admin please close thread.
  3. Next to Pflugerville lake
  4. Not sure what kind of rocks. About 25lbs.
  5. Eheium fish feeder - $15 (GONE) Details can be found here. Mini tumbler media reactor & used bag of bio pellet - $25 Used it for bio pellet on an older system. Still works but missing a suction cup. I was able to find two other suction cups that works. More details about the reactor can be found here.
  6. underbyte

    Dry rocks

    Various assortment of dry rocks available for $1/lb.
  7. I would guess brown jelly syndrome, doing a dip would help if nothing else. http://aquariumcoraldiseases.weebly.com/brown-jelly-syndrome-bjs--brown-band-disease-brb.html
  8. Would like to get one if any are available.
  9. Have a lot of watermelons and fire and ice zoas to sell. Most of them aren't fragged yet. But selling them for $10 per 20 polyps of watermelons or $10 per 10 polyps of fire and ice. For pictures of the previous zoas see link. Watermelon zoas 80+ polyps $40 this is sitting on the stand bed. (GONE) Watermelon zoas 50+ polyps, fire and ice zoas 2 polyps, and random clove polyp growing over the back and front of it. $30 (GONE) 3” Knopia Polyp $45 2” Knopia Polyp $30 (GONE) 1” Knopia Polyp $15 (GONE) 1” Knopia Polyp $15 (GONE) Candy Ca
  10. Wanna get a MINI A-SERIES GOOSENECK for my A80.
  11. Are you selling 2 shermans for $160 or is that the price for each?
  12. Looking for a frag tank. Looking for something around the 20 gallons or more size. Nothing drilled. Trying to see what options are out there. Thanks!
  13. @travisstewart360 1 & 2 are the sunburst morpha and 3 & 4 are the shermans.
  14. Bump with more sherman BTA and sunburst morpha nem ready to go.
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