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Pay-it-forward fish


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Somehow I ended up with a free rock beauty angelfish. I'd like to thank the thoughtful person who gifted this beautiful fish to me.

He's tiny as all get out... about the size of a half-dollar... has some torn front fins... potentially from being housed with an aggressor... but otherwise looks healthy and happy.

The tough part is getting him to feed but I aim to knock that part out and let him join the community as an unexpected guest in due time after some good weeks of healthy eating.

Bring on the legions of angels now that most of my softies and LPS have been removed!

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Argh.... you're a week late. I just picked up a similar size one in hopes that he is the answer to my invasive sponge problem.

I do have to say they're pretty much the cutest fish I've ever seen. The bright blue eyes are crazy. Whoever get's him, make sure they know these guys need sponge in their diet to remain healthy.

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He's an angel Mike! He belongs in a SPS tank! He'll might turn on your juicy looking LPS and softies in no time! snack.gif

I think I saw him eating your corals. I don't have much SPS, so let me know if he bcomes a nuisance. smile.png

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Got a new method now. It comes with some risk to the DT but I am getting better results than my current QT practices. I've just lost too many fishes lately to my QT that I don't trust it anymore.

-Freshwater dip for 5 mins (to observe for marine flukes)

-acclimate in the QT for observation for a couple days (treat if necessary in QT tank)

-if everything looks good, put the fish in my sump

-continue to monitor the fish in the sump and acclimate it to pellets/flakes/nori/mysis (it can pick off pods/sponges/algae in the sump as supplemental food)

-once fully acclimated and eating well, in the DT it goes.

Note, I'd only do this since I have a gigantic UV filter that is hooked up between the sump and DT. All water that leaves the sump and goes to the DT must pass through this. While it doesn't guarantee all potential parasites are killed, a good majority of them will be. That to me is worth the risk then to continue to see fish die slowly in QT. I should mention the deaths in the QT tank are generally considered sensitive fishes.

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