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DaM Blue Acro Mini colonies $40, frags $10

Dan H

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So our frags are looking good, nice and ready to move on to new pastures! We're going to start with the mini colonies. All of these are a few inches, have at least 3 branches, and as you can see in the pictures, quite large. Pictures are all taken under a single Kessil A150 Ocean blue with a macro lens, lit with white LED's to help make it appear closer to actual colors.

I believe we have 6 of the mini colonies, $40 each.

If you need some spiffy marketing name, we'll just call them Dan and Meg Blues, or DaM Blues.

We have lots of smaller frags if you want, $10 for small ones... Which really aren't small at all (>1").


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I want one! But I'm not ready to add any SPS to my tank until I know all my parameters are good and ready. I do want one tho, be happy to paypal you the funds to hold in your tank if willing, or I can wait an get one next round.

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I'll be home after 7 any night this week... Otherwise home all day Saturday.


Six 3 Zero 5 Maury Hollow


5 One 2 - Eight 0 4 - Eight 9 nine 7

Just text or PM if/when you'd like to come swing by. First come get the best picks. :)

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Correct. Just had to make sure they were going to be healthy after fragging... Plus I wanted to make sure they kept the color. I'm very satisfied that they actually colored up even more, and healed very nicely.

I will make sure there is one for you no matter what. :) Shouldn't be a problem.

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They have hints of blue, but not much. The tissue is blue with slight hints of bright green in spots. The green is similar to the hue of green in our strawberry shortcake.

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