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FarmerTy Frag pack - SOLD OUT!!!


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Interest peaked yet?

I'll be posting either today or tomorrow for a frag pack, 5 pieces of your choice for $60. If you have any interest at all, I'd click on the star and follow this thread. That way you get a notification immediately when I post. Main reason, it'll be first come first serve!

That means you show up first, you get the biggest and best frags. It also means you'll get your choices first as I will not be reserving any pieces during this sale. Once I run out of a particular coral, I'll update the thread. It'll be too hard logistically for me to keep up with otherwise. Happy shopping and see below for a teaser!

I should also say, I won't be scheduling anybody until I post so please don't try to jump the line and coordinate with me early. wave.gif



ORA Jeremy's Montipora - 4 frags left

Screaming Green Birdsnest - plenty of frags

Purple Stylophora - plenty of frags

Forest Fire Digitata 0 left

Warp Speed Monti (aka supernatural monti) -fish not included [emoji6] -3 frags left

Jedi Mind Trick monti - 11 frags left

ASD Funky Purple War Coral (purple with cyan eyes) - 8 frags left


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Pink Chalice - 5 frags left


Purple Death Palys - 1 frags left


Vivid Aquarium's Blue Ice Zoas - 10 frags left


Pretty pennies 2 frags left


Cyan Tubb's-like zoas - 3 frags left


Tubbs Blue Zoas SOLD OUT


FarmerTy's Dragoneyes Zoas - 6 frags left


Vivid Aquariums Cherry Bombs Zoas (aka Zombie eyes) - 0 frags left


King Midas Zoas - 0 frags left


Oxides Zoas - 2 frags left


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The grammatical mistakes were intentionally added for free marketing purposes... that's the story I'm sticking two. [emoji23]

If it included primo sps frags, I'd be the first in line to my own frag packs.

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I am interested as the frags i got from you at c4 are doing great....dont even appear to have color loss.

I've trained them to not do that Cambik. Years of weeding out the weak ones that loose color... [emoji6]
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Let the games begin! Frags have been posted in the first two posts of the thread. If you've PMed me already, please PM again.

I work from home so available most of the day and evening today, most of the day tom except lunchtime, and most of the day Friday except past 6:30pm.

I will be out this weekend celebrating the 4th and will not be able to meet at all. Thanks and looking forward to clearing out my frag rack!


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