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Before and after


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Before, ≈10:00:


Got to redo the aquascaping on a 10 year old, 180 gallon tank today. Good friend helped me so it only took about 6 hours (not counting setting up buckets and clean up). We pulled out all the corals, rock and sand. Added new sand, drilled and stacked the rock (see KimP's videos) and put most of the corals back in (funny, not all the GSP made it back in smile.png ). Now there's more room for corals and more variation in lighting allowing a larger selection of corals. Since we reduced the rock by about a third there's more room for the fish to swim. With bridges and arches and towers going to the surface there's more different swimming paths for the fish both in front, between and behind the auqascaping since the rockwork is no longer just piled in. There are also large open areas behind the aquascaping so fish have areas where they can easily swim around out of sight of those big mammalian things on the outside (don't tell them it now allows those big mammalian things almost complete access to the back side of the aquascaping by moving only one or two top rocks wink.png ). We also were able to save most of the water so we only had to add about 15 gallons.

After, ≈4:00:


(If you're wondering why it looks so clear after pulling out 10 year old sand we used a large canister filter to pull out the detritus.)

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