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  1. Can i get this post move to classifieds section? Please admins
  2. Can i get this post move to classifieds section? Please admins Thank you
  3. Here they r...best pics i can get with galaxy note 8
  4. Had em for 6 months. Blue maxima 2.5", its on a rock ....$75 Tear drop crocea. 4" ....$40 Male Naoko fairy wrasse 2" ....$OlD Bi color yellow coris wrasse 3". Yellow and white belly....$OLD Forgot a name of this guy. Its a coris family. black back, white belly with yellow fins 3"..$40 All my fish eat frozen, pellet and some eat seaweeds. FCFS or pp to hold. Once i catch em, u come to pu....or they can be discounted with tank purchase. Thanks for looking Vu 5129037773
  5. Had em for 6 months and attached to a rock. $65 for boths or $35 ea.
  6. Forgot that i have a 32gl plastic drum that is a water reservoir and ATO set up to refill....which is including
  7. I buoght this new last year. Its need an update to connect back to apex fusion, since i lost interest in this hobby and i have never do that...😀😀. It connect to the following devices... cal reactor and monitor ph in my tank (using 2ph probes), 500w finnex heater. 2x T5 ATO UV light Asking for $400. FCFS or pp to hold. Contact me at 5129037773. For any questions. Thanks for looking Vu
  8. Hi guys. Its been a long time i got back in here. I need to sell this setup that i had for 8 plus years. A few minor scratches here and there....barely noticed. Its DSA 190g, 27x27x60in, a room divider setup. I build stand and canopy. I build a 40g breeder for a sum using 2 4" filter socks. Vertex In180 skimmer with 8 months olds sicce psk 1500 pump. 1 yr old mag 18 return. 2x 54w t5 supplement with workhorse 5 ballast. 100lbs of sand and 200 lbs of rocks (mix of fiji and base rocks) 1 tunze wave box 7092 and 1 6091. I used em as circulation pumps. I stil had boxes. They both plug in APC battery back up in case of power outtage. DIY recirulating biopellet with sicce pump ( i think 350gph) DIY cal reactor with ehiem 1048. 10lbs Co2 tank and spare 5lbs tank. Reef fanatics gauge and solenoid with buble counter. I am looking to sell for $1000 OBO. If u need to see it or pics just contact me at 5129037773 Thanks for looking. Vu.
  9. Looking good so far. Nice to have u back Chris
  10. The one with purple body and green/yellow tip and some light green growth. I can count almost 4 colors in person, my stupid S7 edge camera doesn't do it justice. Like usual, if its my coral (when I'm not selling it for someone else), its always $20 per frag. That frag is already spoken for, I can put you on the waiting list if you want one. Yes please.
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