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Serial Hobbies


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I guess it was inevitable. I have discovered that the aquarium hobby is a form of collecting. I've always had a problem with collectible hobbies; I end up with huge collections. Kind of a Pokemon syndrome....

What also happens, is as I move into one collection, I phase something else out.

So, it looks like a lot of stuff in my closet goes on ebay this weekend (non-reef stuff) so I can buy more/larger tanks and other gear.

Wish me luck... The addiction has taken full-hold! :D

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I totally understand this. With DVDs I amassed a whole wall of them (had some nice Boltz stands for them too).

At least with corals, they grow so they add to the collection on their own ;)

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I still have;

  1. Record collection
  2. VHS collection
  3. Cassette Tape collection
  4. DVD collection
  5. Blu-ray colletion
  6. Rock collection
  7. Stamp collection
  8. Coin collection

Why so many collections? Hey, they may be valuable one day! doh.gif

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