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  1. Gee... Thanks for ID and really helping out guys...
  2. It could be Pocillopora damicornis. Could be Seriatopora caliendrum or Seriatopora guttatus. Which sells for more $? 😀
  3. I have several small to medium frags, mini-colonies, and large colonies of Purple Milka Stylo and Green Pocci. Fragged from large colonies over a month ago, encrusting and growing nicely in the frag tank. One of the milka stylo was even growing up the glass where it was leaning for 2 weeks. Some frags have more than 6 branches, multiple growth tips, and are about 6 inches tall. $10 - $60 I'll hang onto a couple for my display tank, but otherwise, everything pictured below is for sale. Open to trades of equal value if I don't already have something.
  4. $80 or Trade for SPS, LPS, zoas Approximately 6-8 Inches. Split off about six months ago and has wandered to the other side of the tank next to a powerhead. It is on the glass and easy to grab, finally.
  5. Got a decent FTS using my daughter's iphone.
  6. Thanks Tim. Those ricordia I got from you are fat and popping! Planning on posting info about the phosphates and sponges research we did. I may post it here or in an old thread I have in the chemistry forum.
  7. Thanks. Yup - Both softies and sps are doing much better. The ridiculously high NO3 (30-ish) and still limited PO4 (.03 on a good day) is causing the SPS to be paler than they should be. Full shot... I have some, but they aren't good. With a bowfront that has a huge window on the opposite side of the room and a 65 inch TV on the other, it's hard to get an angle without at least 50% reflection. I'll try tonight after the sun goes down. Here's a blurry weird angle 1/2 tank shot along the front that looked better through the phone. Even with that extreme angle, you can see the
  8. Five year update and pictures... (Actually - 4 years and 364 days to be exact) The 175 gallon bowfront went through a slow period. Most SPS would fade and eventually die. Zoas receded and some disappeared. Had bubble algae taking over even though I would clean out what I could get off rocks easily and performed weekly water changes. I sent in an ATI ICP test and discovered I had 0 phosphates and high nitrates (~20-25). Pretty much everything was undetectable except calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity, thanks to my calcium reactor. I was starving all of my coral. I was surprise
  9. Exactly what I hoped this post would do! For the most part, it seems to be working. That and to get the discussion going and bring some ideas to the table on how we can make it useful to everyone - new/young and old reefers.
  10. @Dogfish - Yup - I absolutely agree that it is the "Facebook effect". I rarely post on FB because of the number of people it reaches - specifically the number of companies who end up with that data in addition to my friends and their friends and use it for marketing. 'Like' one of the members posts that included a product mention and now, everywhere I browse, I'm prompted to buy it and many similar products. I guess It's a personal privacy preference that seems to not be an issue for many. The quick answers and instant gratification on FB helps the individual, while posting here and gettin
  11. What can we do to get the community back and get this forum rollin again? While I have not contributed as much in past year or so (mainly so I didn't buy anything!), I've checked in occasionally and I'm bummed to see the lack of activity compared to what it used to have. I am paying more attention to my tank(s) lately and therefore checking back to these forums more often. I see many new faces - experienced and new reefers - on the FB page(s) who are asking questions and getting answers. This would be a better ...forum... for that activity than FB. It offers better organization via categor
  12. My 3 AI Hydras (non-hd) are hung with 18" AI EXT rails. I want 12" for better overlap and less par in the ends of my tank. They are pretty much discontinued and stores that still carry them seem to have all lengths other than 12".
  13. I am getting params back in order and need more coral to get nutrient consumption/needs up before starting a new program. I am looking for larger colonies or frags of cheaper and hardier sps, zoas, and palys. If you have large colonies of Birdsnest, common zoas, etc, let me know. Again - colonies or large frags preferred. I'll even take some 'trash palys' if they are on their own little isolatable island.
  14. Bump - $55 - Need it gone.
  15. For sale - One Sherman Rose Bubble Tip Anemone. Approximately 4" - 6". Split about 6 months ago and this guy finally wandered to some glass where I could catch him. Its in an open tupperware in the tank with eggrate on top waiting to go to it's new home. $60 OBO - Open to trades for coral.
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