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  1. I'm here...well should I say Im now back! Been away for 8ish years and now making a comeback lol FB groups have taken over, and while thats ok, sure is better to have a solid build thread or q&a thread that can be found later via a google search. Welcome to the ATX. Im in Jarrell but still central TX. Timfish is active and a few others are coming back to the hobby from what I hear.
  2. Wish my tank was cycled, I'd be taking quite a bit off your hands.
  3. Marking this. IF theres any left, I will need some as well.
  4. Looks like we are both making come-backs at the same time. Been a long time for me as well. Congrats on the business adventure.
  5. Yeah a fellow reefer that managed some tanks at a dental office reached out a few years ago. The dental offices had installed those battery powered air fresheners in the waiting rooms and bam...all of them had dino. He messaged me and low and behold, same issue. I noticed that C02 scrubbers have become quite common with newer homes being built tighter. My buddy was fighting low PH for the longest time, he put a scrubber on his skimmer intake and his PH stabilized. I was having similar issue, so I ran the skimmer air tube to an external source and my pH finally came back up as well. Weird how these issues pop up and a simple fix takes care of it while many spend many thousands of dollars putting a bandaid on the issue. Put in a hefty order with BRS so I should be on my way soon. Have to visit RCA and a few others to get some rock/sand. Is Prof still around? Does he still sell dry rock?
  6. Ive been away for quite a few years now. Last go at this, I lost the battle to dino twice and said deuces to the hobby. A few years ago I built a pico AIO and it did great for a year till you guessed it...dino...but wait theres more! After a few days it cleared up all on its own! Well that cemented my thought about the aerosol propellants being the root cause. Turns out my wife and her friend getting all blinged out for dinner one night, spraying their bath and body works spray caused the dino in the pico. Once her friend went back to OK a few days later, it all disappeared. So many years later, I am giving it a go once again. 125g this time. Softies/Zoas and a few LPS. Wish me luck. (ps: holy crapola, the prices on the stuff has skyrocketed)
  7. how large is the small one? My clowns are mad since I had them plucked from aqua tek.... 5g AIO so have to be very careful with what I put in
  8. I made the mistake of boiling a small rock that had palys on it......lesson learned. Didnt go to ER but was **** lucky.
  9. Sounds good. Hutto isnt too far from Jarrell. My tank will arrive tomorrow and have honey-doo's tonight so could come by tomorrow if that works for you?
  10. Looking for 15-20 pieces of rock. I'm going to glue it together (don't ask) for a pico tank. Some small shelf or pukani would be great. Lemme know. Prefer north of Parmer...
  11. Out for a while

    1. JamesL


      We will leave the lights on.

  12. Still fighting dino....this sux...

    1. KimP


      That does really suck. I fought it for a while off and on in my ol 47.

    2. FarmerTy


      Don't they just thrive on silicates in the water? Or are these different types?

  13. Got a RBTA...its a monster...hope it splits soon. Need to feed the pig more!

    1. brian.srock


      I need to pick up some silversides to feed mine as well along with my brittle starfish

  14. Dino is winning again. Im seriously thinking leaving the hobby...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Texasrob


      Mann this sucks, whut could it b that keeps flaring it up

    3. bimmerzs


      A multi angle attack works much better when fighting this stuff as you may know. Have you tried dripping kalk and using lathium chloride? Get both of these online then kill the lights for 3 day's, You should start seeing less and less of the stuff after that. Phosphates are thought to play a role with this stuff so you may have some leaching from your LR, the LC will definately help bind phosphates so it can get skimmed out, it will also do the same with the phosphates released by the din...

    4. brian.srock


      What is your cause? Is it a clogged return filter, Skimmer Collection Cup, Or unknown?

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