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Hey guys. New to scene =)


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Sup guys. I'm stationed at FT Hood and I've been looking for the closest reef community. I'm new to saltwater and still have alot more to learn. I'm starting with a 10Gal nano tank. Which is a great learning experience. I realize the best way to learn is to get hands-on training. Don't fret! I do my studying! I'm hoping to meet more fellow hobbyists and expand my knowledge about reef tanks. I know working with small tanks are alot more difficult, but I believe I'll be ok. =)

Anyway, here it is: 15 lbs of live sand, 15 lbs of rock, aqueon 10 filter, and an aqua-tech powerhead 170 LPH (crappy but better than nothing). Lighting is 10w flourescent bulbs which I plan to replace with 2 20w coralife mini compact 50/50 this week

Livestock is 2 oscellaris clowns, a yellowtail damsel, a hawaiian feather duster, a nassarius snail, and a huge turbo snail.

Even with such a basic setup, I find myself observing my tank alot (i mean ALOT). my wife thinks I'm a loser for staring at my tank for such long periods of time. Lol I just think it's beautiful, but it's just the beginning of creating a masterpiece. She just doesn't understand...women.


iphone pic sorry!

Don't mind the elementary scaping. it's temporary. I plan to make walls on the sides that flow into that center piece. Gonna be hard, but fun! I plan to upgrade to the fluval canister filter being that it's neat and tidy. I'm not sure which size is best for me, but I've got more studying to do. I believe my tank is going to evolve fairly slowly for I have other priorities. =\

Thanks for looking! Keep in mind that advice and opinions are thumbs up!

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