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  1. Hi guys. The tank has been sold. Thank you!
  2. $1000 takes it and everything in it (2 something designer clowns, dwarf angel, pipefish, 2 Krakatoa god palys [$400 on CornBred's website PP], and various others).
  3. Traveling too much to keep up with a tank, unfortunately Tank is priced to sell. Please do not lowball me. This is a high end setup for a cheap price. $1200 for the entire setup. I think I paid well over $3000 for everything less than 5 months ago. Yes. This setup was purchased at the very end of March. Whomever purchases will be responsible for helping tear everything down. Please be sure you have a vehicle suited for moving a tank and stand of this size Includes: 87g Planet Aquariums Rimless Tank and Stand with all plumbing Eshopps Acrlyic 100 Sump A
  4. $500 if it can be picked up this weekend. ?
  5. Mummy Eye. and a beautiful one at that!
  6. Purchased a couple of months ago. We upgraded to a larger tank so this one is no longer needed. Great condition! No scratches. Comes with tank, stand, Jebao power head, AI Prime, and a skimmer We paid $899+tax, I'm asking for $600. Tank comes ready to go. Here is a link to the specifics. http://www.fishtanksdirect.com/red-sea-nano-max-black-20-gallon-glass-aquarium-set-r40000.aspx?gclid=Cj0KEQjwiI3HBRDv0q_qhqXZ-N4BEiQAOTiCHo834RnKjw_ZkC8CP20aS6kQFigrWp9DrjhWY6Gysx4aAmpx8P8HAQ
  7. Thank you so much! I'll get the dimensions tomorrow for you. And yes, that is a flexible arm mount on the Hydra. Thank you Jon! So kind as always. You are welcome over anytime! Just shoot me a text. So far, I'm loving it! I'm headed to AquaTek tomorrow to grab some more LR and the other AI Hydra... pics to come!
  8. Brooks

    People eater

    This thread is from October of 2016. I'm sure Pham still has some frags available, but I would just shoot him a PM.
  9. In other news, here is the new tank. I spent the better part of 9 hours yesterday tweaking the plumbing after getting it setup. I think I've finally got it working well. I ran it all last night and didn't see any issues. I'm still going to try and get @madsalt out here sometime soon to double check my not-so-handy work. Quality wise, compared to the MarineLand tanks, PA blows it out of the water. There ARE still 1 or two bubbles in the seams of this tank, but they are purely cosmetic. Anyhow, here is a photo of the tank. I still need to add another AI Hydra 26 to the mix. Although
  10. Hi Heather! I'm so happy to hear you still have my little Clown Babies and that they're doing well!!! Hoping to see an updated FTS soon!
  11. I let things ride last night and I actually think it's working out. I'm thinking it's just that I'm not used to this type of overflow. The little holes in the side don't allow for a normal suction but do make it very quiet. I finally got the bulkheads to stop leaking, too. ?
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