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I shall call him Mini me!

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I changed my avatar in honor of my dog Cali. I had to put her down on Thursday after 10 great years.

oh gosh...when my poodle and yorkie go over the Rainbow Bridge, I will be heartbroken...I lost my Llasa "Charlie" to cancer and had to put him down a few years back...I look at his photo and little box of ashes everyday :-(

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I didn't have any shrimp due to having the 2 Wrasses already. I have not seen it go after any inverts yet. I feed him a clam every few days which is a big meal. He also gets PM Mysis on the other days. I am hoping if he stays full he wont feel the need to hunt. By the way I just got a Golden Rhomboid Wrasse too! Awesome fish, but still too skittish to get a decent shot of.

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Most Wrasses are a definite danger for jumping. However I think the Harlequin would be an exception. They are slow swimmers and not near as edgy as their smaller brethren. Kingfish has one just like mine right now. Came in the same shipment.

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