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Welcome im a kinda new member an i must be addicted to this hobby i had freshwater tanks in my early 20s they did very well an said someday ill have a salt tank now many yrs later the time is now or never and i really need something to look at as i deal with some pain issues an didn't want to be on anything stronger than i take did that didnt go well lol .i now have 4 tanks not counting 29g and 45g sump, none are finished yet so im still reading all the advance members post an looking at there tank pick some of the most amazing tank pictures ive ever seen, Welcome really awesome Resource of good ppl lots of info fm ppl with yrs an yrs at this also great place for equipment an livestock but the good ppl is the best part of ARC thanks guys for all the help but if i get one more tank ill be sleeping outside, just kidding but i got bit good by this an dream of having nice coral tanks

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