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Looking for woodworker...


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I do some woodworking for fun on the weekends.

Are you thinking something like this that hangs from the ceiling? (not my pic)


I've made a couple of my own canopies before http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/33431-borntohulas-75-gallon-tank-improvement-thread/?p=281510

In fact, I was thinking about re-doing that canopy with a lighter wood soon.

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Hybrid units are great, no doubt about it. I have two ATI Powermodules over my tank and would recommend them. Giesemann and Pacsun make great looking hybrid models as well.

The canopy design I posted above is pretty simple. You would need to decide if you want it to be open top with places to mount the lights, or be enclosed at the top.

If you are interested I could build it for you. Just shoot me a message on here and we can work something out.

If you are looking for someone a bit more professional I know Dan had a guy that did great work on his canopy and stand.

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