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Beer:30 Meeting Friday 10/7 @8PM @Phil's Icehouse (183)

Dan H

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So the demand for a beer:30 meeting seems like it's gaining steam. So lets give this a try.

River City has their First Friday sale on 10/7, so why not tie the 2 together. Swing by RCA at 7ish, pick up some goodies, then head right next door to Phil's Icehouse to grab a burger and a beer.

Here's a map: https://goo.gl/maps/HCi9PfaV5nN2

Feel free to bring some frags to swap too! :) Nothing like nerding out in public.

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Don't forget this is tonight! RCA's First Friday starts at 7, and Beer:30 starts at 8ish. See you tonight!

Woohoo! I'll be packing up a lot of corals today. Good thing the beer comes afterwards! See everyone soon! [emoji4]
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