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SCA 66g tank


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Here we go again...

Getting the new tank ready so that once I get moved it'll be ready to fill and stock. Been trying to get a decent pic of the tank but with so many windows around it's been almost impossible.

Beginning stock will be a pair of black ice clowns, male Naoko's wrasse and a purple firefish. Tank will be mostly LPS / zoa's.

Tank: SCA 66g Starfire rimless

Light: XR30 pro

Flow: 2-MP10wQD

Pump: Waveline DC6000

Skimmer: SCA 302

18w UV

Artfully Acrylic lid

Got the plumbing done yesterday and started filling last night to test everything.



My initial plan is to run it skimmerless since it'll be lightly stocked and see how the LPS respond. I'll run chaeto in the skimmer section with miracle mud in the center section.

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Here's a little something you can learn from my mistakes.

Been trying to get volume / flow right but just couldn't get enough water to go through the weirs...most was flowing through the false wall on the front of the overflow box. I had the pump up to 90% so I figured maybe the pump actually wasn't strong enough or possibly defective. I pulled it and put the DC-10000 that I had running on the 175g. Got everything installed and when I went to unplug the apex network cable from the DC-6000 I saw it dangling over on the said of the apex cabinet... I NEVER PLUGGED IT IN!!!! No wonder I wasn't making any progress. Well, 10 minute later after reinstalling the DC-6000 we have turnover!!!

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