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Wacky Wednesday


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What's the wackiest thing that's happened with your tank or its inhabitants?

Mine still is when I broke that piece on the manifold by overtightening it and had 5,550 GPH shooting me right in the chest. I plugged it as best I could with my thumb and proceeded to unplug the return pump with the other hand. Good times! [emoji41]

What's your wacky story?

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When I was a wee lad, probably 11 or 12 years old, I was trying to fix my bent binder ring for school with a hammer to get it to close right. After a bunch of failed attempts I got fed up and threw the hammer on the ground. In some freak physical reaction, the hammer bounced incredibly high and smashed into my prized Eclipse 14 gallon tank creating a grapefruit sized hole. My immediate gut reaction was to stop the flow of water to keep my neon tetras from pouring onto the ground by covering the hole with my hands.

I still have a scar on my hand to remind myself that anger and tanks don't mix well. doh.gif

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Last weekend's water change adventure was pretty wacky... I was draining water from the DT to the sump via siphon. It was going to take a solid 5 minutes so I figured I'd use the time to clean out the skimmer. After cleaning the skimmer for a minute or so I went to check the siphon and it had fallen out of the sump and into the bottom of the stand. It had filled the stand with about 1-2 inches of water. Right as I walked up to grab it, the siphon fell on to the floor and was dumping saltwater all over. I quickly grabbed the hose and shoved it back in the sump.

At this point I needed help so I yelled for Meg. She grabs a bunch of towels and we start trying to soak up the water. Right as this is happening, the stupid Scott's Fairy wrasse decided now is a good time to see what's outside of the tank. He jumps out and lands on the floor. AHH! I quickly scoop him up and put him back in.

about 10 towels, and a partially filled wet-dry vac later and crisis was contained.

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Hate to say it but here goes.... My favorite wrasse at the time a red head salon fairy wrasse which I had for a couple of years was ~ 4" big and had gotten trapped in the overflow. There was literally no way to get him out as unfortunately the plumbing was such it can not pull out from the top and drain him into the overflow. After attempting everything I could think of I decided I would have to shop vac him out with my mini hand held shop vac.

I made sure I had help so it would be a quick and a somewhat safe extraction. I placed the nozzle for the shop vac into the overflow and waited for the moment for him to swim close to it. When he did I switched the vac on and he immediate went into the hose. I let it run a couple seconds to insure he made it to the tank. I carefully opened the tank and he was not there. I shook the hose to make sure he was not stuck to the inside. No fish. I then proceeded to rip the shop vac apart with my bare hands to extract him. Not there either. I went back to the over flow to make sure he hadn't actually never made it into the shop vac. Not there!!! Where is the little SOB.

I finally gave up looking long after I knew he could never have survived. I figured he had turned into a Mystery Wrasse by this point and I would never know what happened to him. Hours later I found his little dried out carcass on the floor about ten feet from the tank. I guess the little SOB shot out the shop vac tank so fast when I opened it to get him out I never saw him. Still miss that little guy mellow.png

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