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  1. what kinds of fish are you putting in a 29 gal system (small) that are dying. Maybe the wrong kinds of fish or maybe a really mean clown fish
  2. Neon Reefer

    All Gone

    Salt has three of four unopened bags I believe you can see the rest. The gallon baggie is full of nuclear grade mixed color changing resign, enough to fill a normal canister. The refractometer works great Also have a Eshopps 150 in sump skimmer with a Sicce motor for $50 works great just needs a little soak and cleaning for good measure Text is key would like gone asap andre 512.202.5033
  3. 100lbs give or take of rock pulled from my tank It is approx. been used for 5 years. It needs to be cleaned and made live again. Currently sitting in a 40 gal Brute with lid. Can goes with it. text is the key 512.202.5033 andre
  4. I need this gone this week end First $300takes it all. Text is the key to reaching me 512-202-5033 I'm located in Cedar Park 150 Gal XT tank w/ Cherry Hood and Stand - 40 Gal DIY Custom Sump w/ 2x Compartments w/ Dual Bubble Baffles - .Jecod DCT 8000 Return Pump @ 2100 gph (1000 gph at 7 ft head pressure). 1500 gph Single Corner Overflow w/Single 1/2" return line and 2X 1/4" return flex nozzles - Eshopps PSK 150 in Sump Skimmer w/ Sicce 940 gph pump - Plus a tom of supplies and chemicals Everything working just needs a good cleaning
  5. likewise been in your shoes kinda sorta get well
  6. More people than you think use this product although they may not suggest it or even acknowledge it
  7. No TDS meter behind the DI canister to measure the good water or did these chemicals not register
  8. GSP and Palys available this weekend
  9. Paypal to hold at [email protected]  use gift send

    you can text me to set up a pick up time any day this week after 5:30  Bring lots of containers baggies ect..



  10. Please see live stock listing equipment to follow
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