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Bmwaaron's Red Sea Reefer 350


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Well after about three years without a tank I finally broke down and purchased a Red Sea Reefer 350. I wanted to focus on ease of maintenance and remote monitoring and control since I Travel allot.

I'm a little late I the build thread but I have a few days off to catch up.

This is my previous tank build thread from 2006


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So with the focus being easy to maintain and control remotely I have chosen equipment that I believe will help me accomplish this. The tank has been running for a month and a half now and is coming along nicely but still have had a couple hiccups with equipment along the way.

First thing I did was down size. I had a 300 gallon system before and the refugium on the previous tank was just slightly smaller than the display I have now but I wanted something that didn't require as much maintenance.

I also didnt want to rely on a chiller.

So with this in mind this is the equipment I purchased.

Reefer 350 system

2 Vortech MP40's

Vectra M1 return pump

Reef Octopus elite 150 skimmer

Kessil AP700

Apex controller

Apex Dos

I am going to be dosing two part for this tank and not relying on a calcium reactor since I have had allot of bad experiences in the past with them.

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Im doing this on my Ipad and it wont let me do multiple pictures on the same reply for some reason.

This next section I cant take credit for the idea. I was looking at red sea reefer builds across the internet and came across one that had the apex installed by building it into the stand. I thought it was very clean and also hid wires.


So I started by creating a shelf and a backing that I could mount the apex power bar to.


Then I built a cabinet around the power bar and mounted the apex controller on the lid, I mounted all the Ecotech controllers above it

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One of the issues I've been dealing with is when I move the new tank into the house, how do I keep the hardwood floors from being ruined. Did you seal the bottom of the stand or protect your office floors in anyway?

I did not do anything special to protect the floors. I have had a tank leak before and depending on how it leaks it can damage the floors, walls, etc.

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After the cycle completed I added a lawn mower blenny and some inverts.

About two weeks after that I added two clowns a Wyoming and a Picasso.

The Wyoming I was never able to get eating and unfortunately he passed but was replaced with a black ice.


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