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Announcing the 2015 Fall Frag Swap - Saturday Oct 17 11-2pm


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The ARC Fall frag swap is a go!

who: everyone is invited to come participate (bring the family!). $10 is requested from each person setting up a frag tank to offset the venue rental cost

when: Saturday October 17th, 11am - 4pm 11am - 2pm (access starting at 10am to setup, non-sellers should wait until 11apm to show up)

where: Rattan Creek Community Center and pool

7617 Elkhorn Mountain Trail

Austin Tx 78729

what: fun and frags

We're having the swap at one of our member's neighborhood community center. This means that we will have access to a pool (are these even still open in Oct?), tables, bbq grills, as well as the air-conditioned building for the swap.

So bring a cooler to hold your drinks or acquisitions. Corals will be for sale or trade. We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

You can also bring reef "garage sale" items if you're looking to sell or swap.

RSVP by responding in this thread if you plan to attend!

Link to frag thread


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Here's some of what I'm bringing.



Milles, ultimate stag colonies and mini colonies, ORA Hawkins echinata, purple stylo, ORA jeremy's monti, orange setosa, ORA chips mini colony and frags, AquaSD funky purple war coral, dragon eye zoas, pretty penny zoas, Vividaquariums blue ice zoas, superman mushrooms, green fungia plates, warp speed monti, strawberry fields monti, and yellow scroll coral. These are first come, first serve at the swap everyone so no dibs please. [emoji4]

I'll post a list of sps and prices for orders by request to be picked up at the swap as well. You pick them, I cut them and let them heal. Those will need to be prepaid before cutting unless you've bought coral from me before.

Also, for those previous and current clients of mine, feel free to come to the frag swap and pick out your two free coral frags for the year! No, mini colonies and colonies don't count but good try. [emoji6]

This swap sounds like it's going to be just as fun as last years! [emoji41]

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Our venue double-booked us. We were able to work it out, but it means we had to revise the hours a bit. New hours are 11am - 2pm (doors open for setup at 10am)


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Well I hope people are looking for Zoas. Meg just made 15 zoa frags of all sorts. So we have about 30 zoa/paly, 10 ricordea, and at least 30 SPS.

Decided to buy a wee little frag display tank so we'll see how well that works out.

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Where do I locally buy the neon orange or yellow plastic rods to divide my frags for sale so I can arrange groups by price? Getting everything ready... It's too late to order those in without giving my first born for speeding delivery.

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