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Dead Monical Cobra

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While I understand the concern over having a non native snake on the loose, a monocled cobra is less aggressive then a cotton mouth, and less aggressive then most rattle snakes. Monocled Cobras are actually quite shy. Thankfully it wasn't a king cobra or a lance head or a eyelash or gaboon viper. While I feel bad the young man lost his life he violated several key rules of keeping hot snakes. Number one being never handle a hot snake in an unsecured location.

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+1 jestep I almost stepped right on a coral snake that was under a leaf while walking on a trail last weekend. thank god the dog was on a leash. I thought the cobra story was hilarious until I found out the details, really sad. the kid was only 18.

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Yea apparently quite a few of my family members heard "young person" and "pet store employee that likes reptiles" and thought it was me. Thankfully it wasn't. Im only into King Snakes but dont own one

I never saw the full story of why he had the snake in a Lowe's parking lot?

But I agree there are much more dangerous snakes native to here people should be much more concerned out and educated about. People freak over the Ball Pythons at work but will go walking blindly out on trails in flip flops and shorts :/

We need a snake safety 101 course in Austin

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We also have the worlds largest mosquitoes that land on tarantulas and eat them while you are watching in the driveway. I will admit I was not man enough to get any closer and smoosh these ones.


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