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What Acro is this?


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I think this might be a Strawberry Shortcake but not positive? Also what is a selling price per inch? It has fantastic color with reds and greens... Not selling just want to know what I have and is it worth keeping...



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Red Planet, depnding on the amount of "UV" or "ultraviolet" spectrum in your lights AND the intensity you'll get more green (higher blue end, lower intensity) or more red (higher intensity less blue more yellow, orange and red). And if you starve it of phosphates to reduce the zooxanthellae you can get bright pinks.

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Thanks guys!

Tim, the green is definitely more in the base than the branches as those are more red. I run RapidLED DIY 3w Crees. 3 heat sinks with 24 Royal Blue, 14 Cool White, 1 Green, 1 Red, and 3 UV each, non dimmable.

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My red planet used to be my poor man's version of a par meter. Low light... green... high light... red... in between... red and green. [emoji2]

That's good to know Ty I have just placed a nice frag of D Duncan's Red Planet right on top of my stack of rocks. It is currently green but came off a frag rack down low in the 75G and I was wondering about the color I will monitor to see if itstarts to change back to red.

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