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  1. I don't think I got a text from you
  2. Hi all!!! Pick up in north Austin or downtown during the work day/week almost all my corals are from cultivated reef. will hold with paypal or venmo. texting is the best and fastest way to get a hold of me but PM works too. 512536o719 ALWAYS UP FOR SOME SPS OR ZOA TRADING!!! Thanks Dave Blue Stag-10$ Tricolor- 15$ https://cultivatedreef.com/product/item-76/ Upscales Microlaudos - 20$ https://cultivatedreef.com/product/item-21/ Hairy Green Monster - 15$ https://cultivatedreef.com/product/item-118/ Blue tip - 10$ ORA Forgskin- 15$ http
  3. Right to left- all frags are healthy and encrusted for weeks most for months · Cali Tort - $20 · Tri-Colored Grangula -$20 · Spongodes Monti - $10 · Purple digi – Free with purchase · Orange Cap- Free with purchase · Copps’ Calacali Acro - Pending · ORA Chips Acro -$10 · Blue Tort - $10 · The hairy green monster (Cultivated Reef) - $40 mini colony Please Text or call at 512 536o7one9 I don’t check the site much. Pick up in north Austin parmer/i35 or downtown duri
  4. thats awesome are you going to try to raise them?
  5. Looking to trade for MORE acros, montis encrusting and plating, setosa, Hawkins ect. I can just sell as well. All sold Pick up in NE Austin off of Parmer and i35 after 530 M-F, or downtown during the work week. Pm is best. Thanks Dave
  6. They have a 20% off sale until 31 Jan anyone want to join to get free shipping at $200. Im in for $85 to $100. I can be home any day of the week to accept the package and am off of parmer and i35
  7. Just to add a update. After posting this I got really busy at work and with the holidays. So I did nothing outside of the normal 15% water change. Now 90% is gone and the last bit is brown and not looking to hot.
  8. Looking for mostly SPS corals from large to mini colonies in the north austin area. These will be the first corals in my tank (tester) corals so they need to be alittle on the hardy side. Thanks Dave Text prefered 512 536 o7 one 9 Some ideas green slimer red planet bubblegum digi some of the ORA corals
  9. Yeap I did the same thing on my last tank after I had a GHA after a tank move. I love turbos.
  10. The normal GFO I have used the high capacity in the past and I wasn't a fan. I think its strips too much too fast
  11. Like then title says my 140 gallon tank with dry rock (beached) has been cycling for 2 months now. Im going into the ugly stage diatoms on the sand and gha on the top part of the rock. 3 fish no CC yet. Skimmer is running well and refuim is growing cheato and gha fast. All po4 reading are with a hanna . .1 was todays reading I figure the answer is to wait but i just need some reassureance from the vast knowledge base that is ARC.
  12. You should enter this one in some reef site photo contest. Photo shop a santa hat on and its a sure winner!
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