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Say hello to our latest staff addition, ARC Graphic Designer Kevin Babcock

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As you've all seen, ARC has changed visually since the start of the year. Our new ARC fish logo now graces the site and merchandise in the form of car appliques, shirts, koozies, and coffee mugs. Premium Members are enjoying their new membership cards as well, and the credit for the design and the ARC facelift goes to Kevin Babcock. Kevin continues to work on maintaining a consistent image for the club (check out his Coast trip t-shirt design!) and has been invaluable to me over the last several months. To show our appreciation, please welcome Kevin as the newest ARC staff member!

There's one additional project that Kevin will be assisting us with that I think you're all going to love. I hope to make that announcement at our June SeaWorld trip so keep watching the Club News forum. For now though, let's all take a moment to welcome Kevin to his new position.

Thanks Kevin, and welcome aboard!

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