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  1. Those are some good looking clowns! Can't wait to see those hybrid babies!
  2. Hehehe! I do love Bostons! Got one myself
  3. Interesting topic! I run a few Zazzle stores. Zazzle is a website where you can upload your own art and have people buy it on t-shirts, mugs, iPhone cases etc etc... they have a crazy range of products. When someone buys something, Zazzle do all the "heavy lifting" of printing/shipping and just pay me a royalty. So no overheads and v few customers to deal with for me... it's pretty awesome. If you're interested my site is http://www.cartoonizemypet.com. My husband and I have a few other Zazzle stores too which you can check out on that sites links page if you like. (I don't want to be cheeky and post too many links!) BTW, feel free to use my cartoon fish as avatars, it's always fun spotting them in aquarium forums. In fact there's a regal tang of mine I keep seeing pop up in ARC hehe
  4. Sorry to see this unique tank go, but in the long run I think you'll be much happier with a bigger tank + sump. So much easier to manage!
  5. Aaarrrggg

    Where's Sexy?

    Sexy Shrimp enjoying my old branching frogspawn. I say "old" because the sexies ran all over it until it died... blasted sexies...

    © Francesca Hause

  6. Don't count the water changer out just because of distance, I almost did, but the LiterMeter can pull some serious water! Mine goes about 45' -and that's including up and over pretty high doorway. (I believe 60' is mentioned in the manual... maybe more...) The pipes are the same 1/4" ones you use on RO/DI machines, so it's all very discrete and cheap. The expensive bits are the SpectraPure pumps, but compared to the general cost of equipment it's pretty good really. I do know what you mean about being able to vacuum though! Still I wanted to make sure you weren't put off solely by the distance. It's surprising what these pumps can do.
  7. Crickey those renderings are good! For a tank this epic you might want to consider setting up an automatic water changer like I have for mine. Check out my thread in the tank builds forum for more info/pics. I figure you'll have to have a bunch of water on hand anyway, so you might as well hook it up to a LiterMeter. Save having to do all those big water changes and risk spilling water on that soon to be beautiful room!
  8. Very cool!!! Beautiful tank shape! Can't wait to see this come together!
  9. Nothing new to add, just wanted to say; good rules!
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