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  1. Everything SOLD!! Thanks for the interest everyone, happy to say it's gone to a good home!
  2. Been away for a while and all of this is still sitting in the garage. Looking to just get it gone now so I'm thinking $900 for EVERYTHING! I know this cute little setup will make someone very happy!
  3. Still available! I'll be sure to update the thread when it's gone. I'd like to at least sell the tank first before parting out. I can do a deal of the tank (inc stand + sump) + lights + powerhead for a tidy $1000... which basically means you'd get the powerhead for $20! (Or comparing to new prices, the lights and powerhead for FREE!) Not a bad way to spend your Christmas money! Best to PM me as I keep forgetting to check this thread.
  4. Maybe about 2". He really didn't look big enough to eat sexies, let alone all 5 in one night, but they just vanished one morning. He used to nip the yashas high fin off too. It started to grow back and then it would be a stump again. I never saw him actually do any of these things, but then I never saw him eat any food I offered either. Perhaps if he'd accepted prepared food he might not have been as opportunistic. I only had him for a month or so before trading him in at aquatek (nobody picks on my yasha! ) It's possible he might have stopped being a jerk given enough time.
  5. Maybe, maybe not. I got a Tanaka Pygmy Wrasse and a couple of weeks later all 5 of my sexy shrimp disappeared overnight(!) The only other fish in there was a Yasha goby who had lived peacefully with the shrimp for several months. I never saw it happen, but it must have been the wrasse.
  6. Those are some good looking clowns! Can't wait to see those hybrid babies!
  7. Most definitely! Always good to support captive bred/raised whenever we can, even if they cost a little more, it's nice to be investing in the future of reefing.
  8. You're probably right there. I was hoping that the curved edge would help because they could potentially follow it round for a longer swim ...plus I have a very open plan aquascape. Still not ideal though I know! I might give up on my hopes for a blue tang, I definitely wouldn't feel right with a full size one crammed in my tank. Might set my sights on a Yellow Tang instead. I don't think they're tank bred yet, but I have seen tank raised ones being sold online before. I believe either the eggs or juvis are collected from the wild and then raised in captivity. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name names as they're not a sponsor, but google "tank raised blue tang" and you'll find them. I've never actually seen them in-stock though.
  9. Please add me to the line too! 144g with loads of room and no other tangs.
  10. Sweet!! Who are going to be the lucky clowns?
  11. Are you using Tapatalk by any chance? The poll doesn't appear on there; you'll need to log into the full website to vote.
  12. Its not looking great, but they can have moments of looking v bad. How long has it been looking like that? I'd give it a chance and see what happens. They're not especially toxic or anything if they die, mostly just water! In a tank as big as yours it probably wouldn't really notice.
  13. Happy tank birthday! That's quite an achievement and great looking tank!
  14. So many questions...! http://news.discovery.com/space/i-for-one-welcome-our-new-fishy-overlords-120727.html
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