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240G Part Out


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I have decided to part out my FOWLR tank and leave the hobby for a little while. All the livestock is already spoken for, and the tank/stand/canopy sold before I could even get this post up, but the rest of the equipment still needs homes. I am expecting the livestock to be picked up this week so equipment should be available by the week starting May 20. I will have all items clean, with any manuals, extra parts, extra media upon pickup. Please feel free to send any questions you may have via PM.

Tank- 240G (8'X2'X2') with two internal overflows. Some minor scratches.

Sump- ~Approx 75 gallon custom sump with baffles, wet/dry compartments. Is cracked on one corner well above water line

Matching stained wood stand and canopy. They definitely could use some refinishing and are nothing special. However, they are still servicable.

Lighting- 12X 54W T5 built into canopy on two separate power supplies. Adjustable LED moon lights. Canopy also has exhaust fans at each side that are effective at keeping temperature stable except on the hottest days.

$500- SOLD

System pump- Reeflo Super Dart Gold- $250

Protein Skimmer- Reeflo Orca 200 w/ Reef Octopus Waste Collector (Auto shutoff)- $500

Chiller- Current USA 1/3 hp Prime Tower.- $350

Custom built Kalkwasser Reactor w/ Eheim 1048- $50

Tunze Osmolator Auto-top off unit- $100

(2) Midwest Aquatics Sulphur Denitrators w/ Eheim 1048 w/ new media in jugs- $200 ea. or $350 for both

Aquamedic Ozone Generator 200- $200

Pan World 50PX-X pump- $75

Finnex TH Titanium 300W Heater w/ HC 810 Controller- $35

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Awesome. I'll just let you know when I've got the cash together and if its available I'll take it, If it sells, well, I'll keep looking

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I am back from Costa Rica and think that I have returned all PMs. Going to be breaking down tank this weekend when it is picked up, so all items will be ready for pickup then (if they are not already). Feel free to make some offers on any remaining items.

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