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I'd like to present you all to the "FREAK":


"What's the big deal, just looks like another fish.", you might be thinking to yourselves. Well, let me share with you the story of this little Golden Dottyback.

I had it in my 75g for well over a year. It always hid in the rockwork and only made lightning-quick appearances to feed and torment the occasional snail/hermit. About a month before I shut down my 75g and moved everything into my new 135g, this guy just disappeared. I figured it must have died somewhere in the rockwork.

For the past 3 months, my 75g has been sitting fallow, with no circulation/filtration/waterchanges. The water has evaporated to about the 50% mark. This past weekend, I removed most of the remaining rock, which stirred-up an awful mess. You can imaging the water conditions.

Tonight, just as I pulled out the last large rock, I heard a loud dunk/splash sound. I peeked into the tank and lo and behold, this guy is zig-zagging around the bottom. I tested the water and the nitrates are somewhere between 80-160ppm. It's now acclimating and getting ready for the move to the 135g.

So, the next time you're about to give-up on that fish you just never see anymore, remember the "FREAK" and don't abandon hope. ;)

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Is it eating ok? I bet it was starving!

Doing well, thanks.

It must have been eating something in the 75g because it doesn't look emaciated. There we're a lot of empty snail/hermit shells in there!

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