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Focusing on my ACRO....very low nutrient....starting to affect my softies. BRING AT LEAST $40 !!!!

Florida Ricordia (Splitting into 2) $30


Sunshine Rhodactis $15 ea.


Brian's Baby Hybrid Chalice (3 eyes) $40


Tyree Pink Watermelon (3 Eyes) $40


Tubbs Blue Zoas (15-20) $40

Next Gen.s (3 or 4) $20




3-4 Polyps of Devil's Best Armor $20


Nuclear Greens $10 ea


Targets (WYSIWIG) $30


Creamsickles 5+ $20

MOHAWKS (5+)lg. $30

Minefield Cyphastrea (Golf ball) $30

Jap Deepwater 10+ Green and Purple $40

Jap Deepwater 10+ Purple and Green $40



First come ..First served / CASH ONLY PLEASE

THANKS, Garrett 633-7128

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OK....the Phoenix ($20)(I WAS JUST GONNA SEE WHO WAS INTERESTED, AND THEN JACK THE PRICE WAY UP >>>>HAHAHA) and the Watermelon are pending CHAD AND BELINDA. (but the Mohawks are Awesome,....as well as the Poseidon's fury that I got from Chad and Belinda a while back...they have 3 polyps and are $20 as well.

I live about 5 mi.s west of I35 on HWY 29 at Georgetown (Wolf Ranch Shopping Center)....I am also about 1/2 a mile East of Ronald Reagan Blvd. (What Parmer turns into if you drive far enough north)

PS : Rjohn, did you get my letter about the train set and the Red Rider BB gun ???....I've been pretty good this year.

Thanks, Garrett.

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Dang, I wanted that. I was going to see if you'd grab it for me if I paypal'd the money LOL.

Garrett....I am interested in the Tyree Pink Watermelon.

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Very Sweet Deal on the Tyree WM chalice.....I got mine already and I can't wait for it to grow.....it really has beautiful coloration and it will stand out from other surrounding corals. Nice find.....

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