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  1. Looking to replace my AI Prime non-HD if anyone got a slightly used black AI Prime 16HD. PM me. Thanks.
  2. I still have some. Replied to PM.
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking to find a new home for my beloved Black Ocellaris pair. They are a mated pair and have been laying eggs consistently the past 4-5 years. It has been a joy to watch my kids see their little babies transform in little clowns. Unfortunately they are getting big and really deserve a bigger tank. I have not have any health issue with them. They get fed TDO pellets and frozen foods. Momma is a little over 3" and easily doubles the size of Daddy fish. Asking $45 for the pair. Willing to consider trade for LPS or easy SPS. Just really want a good home for them.
  4. Looking for a small frag if anyone happens to have one. Thanks.
  5. Recently merged a couple of tanks into one and got a bunch of orange ricordea (green mouth) separated from a large rock I wasn't using. Most are glued to rubbles. Most rocks have 2-4 rics on them. I have a few singles that are not glued to anything. Asking $20/mouth. Take care.
  6. Hi everyone, I recently got an ICP kit from icp-analysis. It included two vial so I decided to send in a sample of my tank water and the RO water I usually get from RiverCity Aquatics. I got the results back today and to my surprise, the Phosporus was 0.16ppm (tank water) and 3.37ppm (RO water). That's not a typo. I shows 3.37ppm. I have been trying to get my PO4 lower in my tank but did not even think it could be coming from the RO water. Could the water from RCA be this bad? I don't have an RO/DI system so I have been relying on water from RCA for water changes and top-off. Th
  7. I think this is a good idea. I have a rotifers culture going that is use to feed my baby clowns. No babies to feed at the moment but I plan on keeping the small batch going. I take a little out every night and dump it into my tank. Everyone is welcome to it if you need it.
  8. I was looking at the APEX EL and that's an option too. I just don't need the full blown APEX so looking for something more affordable. @Christyef - do you know Joe's account? I can try PM him. Thanks. Alex
  9. I've been wanting to get an Apex controller for awhile now and I think it's time. After looking at the different controllers, I think the Apex Lite is probably enough for what I need. It's a long shot but anyone looking to upgrade and want to sell their Apex Lite? :-)
  10. It's a long shot but anyone culturing rotifers locally? Just asking before I get it online. Thanks.
  11. Yeah. My clownfish likes to lay on it and hide under it when I am cleaning the tank. He'll have to find a different place now. 😞
  12. RIP. I was changing the water in the bucket and noticed that it had a big hole in the middle. Severe tissue deterioration. 😞
  13. I'm not sure what specie it is since it came with the tank when I got it a long time ago. It have survived a long time and I hate to lose it even though it's nothing fancy. The stuff that's coming out is like white and filmy. It looks like smoke when it is release. It hasn't deflated completely I don't think. Like I said before, I have seen it shrink down when it got too much flow. The water it's in now is all mirky so I'll need to replace the water and then try to take a picture. I can see the mouth open pretty big so that doesn't look good. I'll try to upload a picture but I always
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