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Custom PICO designed by Tim and I


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Hey guys, been a while since I posted. Tim and I get together every couple weeks to talk about saltwater stuff and politics (jk!). I already have an interesting 22 gallon with 15 gallon sump going on over a year now and it's doing great. But the purpose of this topic thread is to show you a small reef tank I've been designing with Tim's help. It starts with a 6 gallon inexpensive tank from Amazon, somewhere around 80 bucks. And has a pretty nice $60 lamp which I'll share with you later. The goal is to create a sump area in the back and do it in a way that minimizes maintenance effort while maximizing water changes. So I have a tiny little pump that has a valve in it which can pump water out of the back into a 1 gallon polyethylene milk container so that there's no siphoning necessary. And, there's a little can be pure tray set up for the overflow box as well as a cryptic rubble sump area.

Here's a video that explains it a bit more. I'm using a glowforge laser cutting machine to help out and if I need to have got a 3D printer but I'm trying to minimize the customization necessary. In other words, the idea it would be that I could just cut out the parts on the glowforge and ship them in a flat pack and somebody could assemble them if they wanted to.

Anyway, here's the video explaining part of it.


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