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New Reactor Design


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Just uploaded a new reactor design to Printables. Here are some pictures. Learn more about it at:


Gave one to Tim to try out. Made in PLA (which I've tested and seems to work fine in my smaller saltwater tank over 1 years time).

Cost of materials isn't too bad: 

  • Acrylic Tube: 4" x 3" OD 2 3/4" ID : $6
  • Pump at Amazon: $11
  • 3D plastic: ~$4
  • Laser cut Acrylic pieces: ~$4
  • So, it's under $30 all-in if you have a 3D printer and a Laser cutter.





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Great desighn Chipp!  It's real easy to use GFO and GAC without needing to fill bags.




(And if you get a gorilla that torques down the bolt and breaks it it's easy to replace with a nylon bolt or twisty tie 😏)


Just running it in some tap water rinses GAC real well before dropping it in a tank.




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