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  1. Got one accepted offer and a back up offer. If they both fall through I'll let y'all know.
  2. SOLD definitely was not expecting it to be sold within three minutes when i posted it at midnight. glad this stuff is going to get some good use. Must pick up from Austin TX 78752 (near Mueller) and take everything as is. Not willing to sell individual items. My reef crashed during the blizzard. I've decided to clear out all my gear, take a break, and then start from scratch. Reply or DM, Nuvo Aquarium Fusion Nano 20 gal (24”x15”x13”) Fluval Stand 2x Tunze 1073.008 return pumps Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue lamp w/ controller 3x Triton ICP-OES te
  3. Yeah a lot of criteria need to met before home solar makes sense. My only things to add for folks thinking about a generator is the noise, they can be louder than you expect, especially in the quiet of a power outage. My brother who I mentioned has a pretty serious generator, run an extension cable to his neighbor during power outages. It's the neighborly thing todo and also makes them not so putoff having to deal with the noise from his generator.
  4. anyone know how the lfs are doing? I'm worried for aquadome, rca, and aquatek!
  5. We're looking at multiple powerwalls. I'll share in case others are looking into solar as an option. I had my call with the solar company on Saturday. If you only have one powerwall battery it only serves as a backup for a handful of lights and appliances. If you want to run your AC and any other high load equipment you need multiple powerwalls. In Austin and you run solar you are still on the grid, your solar output offsets energy used from Austin Energy. The credit per kwh is pretty generous. If you don't have your panels connected to a battery though and the power goes out you still l
  6. I'm surprised to not see more talk of the blizzard. Maybe everyone is focused on recovering and not posting on reef forums. I've talked to other aquarium keepers and many of them have 100% loses. I lost the vast majority of my corals. We are just north of Windsor Park and Mueller. Our neighborhood lost power Sunday night. It was supposed to be for 45 minutes. We didn't reliably get power back until Thursday. Monday I tried to keep the tank warm by floating bags of seawater i heated on the stove. If we had gotten power back then it would have been ok. But between trying to maintain the ho
  7. what part of town are you in? if you can be near mueller i'd happily give you a nice clump.
  8. Lost most of my corals, house was in the 40s. Not sure how low the tank got. I was absolutely shocked to see my platygyra was mostly ok.
  9. I set the tank up in a way I wouldn't recommend to most people. But I am both lazy and like to think I am better at this than I actually am. The tank was used, so I was letting it run with freshwater to clean it out. While that was happening I was on the road and when I go out of town I like to visit LFS and buy something if I can. Well I bought some Chaeto while in Corpus Christi... except I didn't actually have a saltwater tank yet. So I did a dumb thing and just added salt to the freshwater when I got home. Let it circulate for a couple days and added the Chaeto ball. Not a best practice, d
  10. 20 gallon Innovative Marine Kessil a160 no skimmer single Tunze 008 return pump dosing with Triton four part dose with Acro Power every other day target feed with Reef Roids about twice a week. I haven't had a coral tank in a few years so this is my system for getting my sea legs back. I started it back in February and I will make some posts catching the thread up to where the system is now. The tank is corals only. I am growing them out to donate or sell and keep a few as pets for a project later. I got my first ARC corals at the frag sale back in Ma
  11. I have a little jarrarium going and want to introduce as much diversity as I can. Can I buy a scoop of sand or a tiny tiny rock from people in the Mueller area. Within a few miles is cool, but I'll never have time to go further afield.
  12. Anyone seen any in an LFS or have some I could get off of you?
  13. I'm working the shop Sunday 12-6pm. Come by and say hi. And take advantage of the ARC discount.
  14. We made an exception for you. No one else got to buy anything.
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