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  1. Anyone looking for Lovely Dachshund Puppy? 6 weeks old mini dachshund puppyshots and wormingParents is Purebred miniature around 9lb~10lb
  2. Thank you
  3. sent PM
  4. Thank you~~
  5. Sent Text.
  6. Ill come by soon.Ill text you, Thank you~!!!
  7. any one have L type?
  8. http://kmaintl.com/product/bali-aquarich-black-picasso-clownfish-pair
  9. how about this?
  10. pics
  11. I got 1 beautiful helmet clown
  12. I got some clown pair male platinum + female picasso for $120 I got expensive Bali onxy pair too Ill send you some pics if you interesting.
  13. He is gone. He got new home. Thank you guys.
  14. Replied PM.