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  1. Tina had to move to the big fuge in my sump. She will get her own tank post deployment but is happy in her ~20g haven for now Ty likes $$$ corals. I like the fish version, and wasn't going to risk Tina eating this one. Bonnie and Clyde happily moved to the BTA. Meet Nancy - she's eating, very curious, beautiful and travelled well over 10k miles to get here (Joc Angel)
  2. Tina says hello. I'm kicking out of here with the military to a sandbox when the weather starts warming up, so was worried about the tank. Luckily, if you're willing to spend a small fortune each month, there are places that will come take care of it for you. I found a company in San Antonio that I've been using that normally services commercial tanks, but was the only one that replied back to me about maintaining my tank. Good news is, they've been awesome. When I'm gone, they will take over the frozen feeding once/week, and the auto feeder will do the rest. They dose and maintain parameters
  3. Been pretty slammed lately, but here we go. Military, going through the big D soon (not divorce or Dallas) and trying to purge my house so that when I'm back, I have nothing major to deal with in terms of the house. Managing to keep Tina, my clown pair etc. as my mom will be taking care of the big tank and paying someone to come change water once a month. I have a bunch of stuff including two tall rectangle roto mold tanks for RO/DI. I ended up running a line direct to the tank for top offs, and for mixing I have a pump to pump water in to the tank from a tub so never set these up.
  4. I won't be around next weekend! Dang. Babysitting offer still in effect. What size is the new tank?
  5. LOL, for Ty - gratis. I'm just not going to manage my toddler and a newborn at the same time. I'm not crazy
  6. Unsure of brand etc. Was brand new and came with tank when I purchased it. Was on tank about a week. 2 Gen 4 Pro Radions do more than enough, so don't need this one. Prefer to trade, but will sell as well. Need a carbon reactor with pump for a medium sized tank/sump lets say 135 gallons total.) LPS trades an option as well. Live East, work NE but willing to meet elsewhere within reason.
  7. How in the world did I miss this?!? He's adorable! CONGRATS!! If you guys ever need a break, and my kiddo is with her dad, call me (seriously. I'll come babysit. I remember the days of needing a break!)
  8. Electrician here today and I'm recommending him big time if you need work done - for your tank or in general. After getting a quote from electrician number one over the phone, then it being TRIPLE what they quoted me over the phone after all was said and done - I shopped around. I saw this guys name on Nextdoor - he came out and quoted me a fantastic price to move an outlet; add Ethernet plugs since my router is on one side of the room, and my tank on the other; and ran a dedicated circuit for the tank. He's licensed and does work on the side as well. Did a great job. Didn't change his p
  9. Wow. That absolutely sucks. I'd be sick over it if that happened. I'd be sick if anything died on my watch if I were watching someone else's tank as well.
  10. Have you looked in to fluconazole treatment for GHA? People are using it for bryopsis but it has been shown to nuke GHA as well, just not as quickly. To date, have read zero negative reviews.
  11. Exactly. Mine showed up with heat packs. I had credit with LA, so that's why I went with them vs. reefcleaners. I think I'll be placing my next order with reef cleaners. Isaac and I spent a long while trying to get the Apex up. It wasn't a display issue, it was networking. I finally (somehow) managed to get it on my network using static IP's (Isaac taught me how) and was happily programming away when it just went out. Not to mention, when using it - even when changing router settings, my internet wouldn't work. At all. We also initialized all, and it kept the old IP address, username and
  12. Tina stayed put. CuC came in. Had some major losses because UPS absolutely sucks. They showed up in the middle of the day and refused to return my calls asking where the driver was. Ended up having to work from home waiting on them. They were supposed to be there by 1030. 2PM is when they showed up. Bags were hot as hell, everything was stressednor dead. Liveaquaria is replacing things, but they killed one of my Halloween hermits. Those guys are my favorites. Not happy. Chestnut turbos, ceriths, nassarius, and a couple Babylon snails made it. Just to see where the Babylon snails were in
  13. She's sticky and eating, but I'll take note and back off on feeding. I guess she just wanted a cave. Fully open and buried in the sand/cave early this morning. Wonder what lunch will bring
  14. P.S. Tina is a total diva. I watched her steamroll over everything because she wasn't happy with her current real estate arrangement (that she chose, mind you.) She's now in a cave on the total opposite side of the tank. I've also got my 3.5 year old going around screaming TINA! EAT THE FOOD.
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