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  1. reeflover

    1link status light doesn’t turn on

    I think it shot, there isn’t any thing plug into it. Tried different Aquabus cable and no luck and even to different controller as well. It had green light the whole time I used it till my wav took a dump. Ever since I unplugged it, was going to give it to a friend using wav but it shot itself. Thanks Jolt and Ian
  2. reeflover

    WTB: Hydra Mounting bracket

    Never mind, just saw you wanted hms one
  3. reeflover

    WTB: Hydra Mounting bracket

    I have 2 extra from my hydra 26 from my rimless tank. how many do you need. They were used, but great condition. Decided to build my canopy.
  4. reeflover

    1link status light doesn’t turn on

    I switched different usb cable as well
  5. Anyone currently using 1 link, plugged my 1 link back to the controller but I couldn’t get the light to turn on. It should be simple as plug and play right, not sure what going on. Any advices would be appreciated thanks
  6. reeflover

    WTB Reeflink

    Have 1 been sitting in the closet since I moved to wxm. $80
  7. reeflover

    WTB liverock

    got rock from Rory. thanks
  8. reeflover

    WTB liverock

    Pm comming
  9. reeflover

    WTB liverock

    Need to fill a 80g tank for a friend. Anyone has liverock for sale lmk thanks
  10. reeflover

    Turtle Tank - SOLD

    Does it come with a turtle. Thx
  11. reeflover

    WTB 75g -120g. 4ft long

    Can you give more infos about livestock, equipments. Do you have any pictures thanks
  12. reeflover

    WTB 75g -120g. 4ft long

    Looking for 75 to 120. Either complete setup or separate. Lmk thanks
  13. reeflover

    85G Complete System (Reduced)

    I know it is a long shot. Do you still have this
  14. reeflover

    Complete 80 Gallon System *Sold*

    Do you still have it
  15. reeflover

    Any welder?

    Need help to weld the 2 flanges to the pipe for my exhaust. I am experimenting this to my customer exhaust which replace the resonator. Off course I will pay, checking here first before I hit the muffler man. Pipe in picture from the left is what I need it, right one is the resonator. I will bring the resonator over so you can match the length. It is 2,5” pipe. I just need to weld 2 flange to both end of the pipe. Thanks