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  1. reeflover

    Any welder?

    Need help to weld the 2 flanges to the pipe for my exhaust. I am experimenting this to my customer exhaust which replace the resonator. Off course I will pay, checking here first before I hit the muffler man. Pipe in picture from the left is what I need it, right one is the resonator. I will bring the resonator over so you can match the length. It is 2,5” pipe. I just need to weld 2 flange to both end of the pipe. Thanks
  2. reeflover

    The Money Pit

    Have a friend looking for nice setup. Will you pm me your contact number, along with your price so we can talk. Thanks
  3. reeflover

    Angels: Flame & Coral Beauty - $25 ea. (SOLD)

    I’ll take both, sending pm
  4. reeflover

    RBTAs + mated pair of True Perculas (SOLD)

    I don’t want the nem but like to buy the Percs. I got plenty of Sherman my self. Sent you offer thru pm
  5. reeflover

    Wanted Peppermint Shrimp Aptasia Eaters

    I have 20+ small one and 1 huge api. This guy wiped them out before I noticed. My customers kinda like him, they thought he looks kool.
  6. Thanks jolt, got her pm.
  7. reeflover

    WTB: 5 lb CO2 canister

    Tomorrow I can do anytime, just not sure what time I get home tonight
  8. reeflover

    WTB: 5 lb CO2 canister

    I got 1 5lb bottle. Still almost full since I used it as back up my 10lb. $50 It is from air gas and dated is till valid. Shouldn’t have problem to swap at air gas
  9. reeflover

    20-30ish gallon Acrylic tank

    http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/39492-29g-oceanic-biocube-tank-stand-lid-with-steve-led-kits/ Make me an offer.
  10. reeflover

    (Sold)10WQD with new Wetside

    I really like it, haven’t get it for a year yet and did some modifications already, but still plenty more to mod it. I really want to mod it to go off road :). Thanks
  11. reeflover

    (Sold)10WQD with new Wetside

    Sold, thanks Patrick.
  12. 200 for the stand, tank, lid and led kits, no life stock
  13. reeflover

    (Sold)10WQD with new Wetside

    Selling my Mp10WQD with brand new wetside, bought new wetside but never use it. Exiting wetside making noise so use it as part with new wetside. Like to $210. Have everything, box and instructions . I only used dry side for about a year. This is the wireless version.
  14. Upgrade the tank at work so it has been sitting in my garage. Was going to use it for seahorse tank but decided not too. The lids as been modified with Steve led, so I can grow anything, there are also 2 ecoxotics leds but with Steve led, I no longer used them. Steve led is far enough light which I was able to grow sps. It doesn’t need any more light. asking for $200 obo. Or trade corals Pictures when it was up and run.
  15. reeflover

    2ea 10 gal QT tanks

    I have 2 set 20g each for qt with the hob filter, lmk if you are interesting. I can loan them to you and you can return them when you done. I have heaters too when I qt during winter. Lmk