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  1. I am sure. He is small to do it now, really positive he will do it. This type of angel will nip, it’s why he is in Fowler.
  2. He is about 3.5” healthy and eat anything. Have him 6 months. He is just too small to school with my angel tankmates. Going to order bigger size. Would sell for $130, or trade for corals, lps, sps.
  3. About 3.5” healthy with me about 9 months. Fully quarantined at my shop tank. He is in the sump now. Paid $45, selling for $35
  4. it is about a year old and I upgraded my frag light therefore it is for sale. mint condition and only used less than 20%. Comes with legs, remote control minus box, $100
  5. Lmk if you ever find Rory, I am not in a hurry. Thanks
  6. I like to buy all type of macro algae, except chaeto. My black tang refused to eat anything but algae for now. My stock is getting less. Lmk thanks
  7. Lmk and your price, my mixing station pump crapped out. Thanks
  8. Thanks christy, he bought the setup.
  9. Bought the setup and it moved. Mission completed
  10. found the tank but now looking for moving company. Does anyone know any company willing to move it you can recommend? TIA
  11. Ian. This is for crazy friend. He is going all out. Wasn’t quite sure how deep will he be in the hobby. Got himself a 80 cube for 6 months and now looking to upgrade already.
  12. reeflover

    WTB 200g +

    Either 6’ or 8’ 200g+ lmk what you have thanks
  13. Decided to remove 1 female from my trio flame wrasse because my other 2 paired up. About 2,5” very healthy. $90 Also trade for Sps
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