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  1. 90 gallon reef ready with stand, canopy, and lights! Was running as FOWLR but after snow-pocalypse I decided to go ahead and downsize now. Stand/canopy has a few spots that I would give a quick touch up stain to. I had already sanded the left and right parts of the canopy but never got around to adding stain. Solidly built (and very heavy!) and front of canopy swings upwards. Center back overflow and pipes as shown. Any other questions just holler, going to try and have it emptied and cleaned out by next week. Asking $300 but feel free to make any offer! Picture is kind of dark but col
  2. Back for sale! Going to work on getting things weighed and pictures if people just want partial over the next few days.
  3. Trying to get rid of it all in one go if I can for now. If whoever buys it doesn't want it all I'll send some your way!
  4. To be honest I have no idea. I’ve had it for years, it’s earned the purple through blood, sweat, and tears,... and fish poop. If price is too high just let me know.
  5. Yes, will list tank as well soon. 90 gallon RR with stand and canopy.
  6. I'm not very sure how much to ask for because I have no idea actual weight. I'll just say $100 takes it all and will post a picture later tonight. tank is 4ft wide if that helps see how much it is.
  7. $125 OBO 47" T5 HO Fixture with moonlight LEDs (not sure the etiquette, it's a traditional 48" fixture but is a literal 47") Will definitely need new bulbs (one is all the way burned out) have been using for a FOWLR. Cord for moonlights was cut and repaired at one point, can provide any additional pictures need or any other questions just holler! LEDs still blazing like a champion! link for more details (this is the 54W version) https://www.marinedepot.com/hamilton-aruba-sun-t5-retrofit-with-leds-low-profile
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