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  1. dshel1217

    When to add PO4 remover when cycling

    Yeap I did the same thing on my last tank after I had a GHA after a tank move. I love turbos.
  2. dshel1217

    When to add PO4 remover when cycling

    The normal GFO I have used the high capacity in the past and I wasn't a fan. I think its strips too much too fast
  3. Like then title says my 140 gallon tank with dry rock (beached) has been cycling for 2 months now. Im going into the ugly stage diatoms on the sand and gha on the top part of the rock. 3 fish no CC yet. Skimmer is running well and refuim is growing cheato and gha fast. All po4 reading are with a hanna . .1 was todays reading I figure the answer is to wait but i just need some reassureance from the vast knowledge base that is ARC.
  4. dshel1217

    Just picked up a macro lens, holy moly

    You should enter this one in some reef site photo contest. Photo shop a santa hat on and its a sure winner!
  5. dshel1217

    Dshel's Red Sea 650 Peninsula Build

    Thanks it was tough making it look good from 3 sides. I still have my favorite side tho
  6. dshel1217

    Trade Tropic Eden Meso Flakes

    I have a un opened bag of tropic edens meso flakes and looking to trade for tropic eden reef flakes or similar size to fill in some areas with bigger grain sand. LMK if you interested. Thanks Dave
  7. dshel1217


    Like juiceman said don't do crush coral disaster.... I have a maxijet 280 on my peninsula tank and it blows my tropic eden meso flakes around I would go reef flakes.
  8. dshel1217

    Dshel's Red Sea 650 Peninsula Build

    made a lot of progress over the last month. The tank is running and been cycling since 11/10. Below is my cycling schedule sort of.... Add dr tims one and only 11/10 Turn on refugium 8hrs Algae barn clean cheato Pods and half to display half refugium Add 1 to 2 fish 11/30 Frozen fish food and auto feeder lowest setting 1 per day Leave alone for 1 month ends on 12/10 Add coralline (maybe) Leave alone 1 month Some of the issues Ive run into 1) Lost a o ring to the skimmer so it has not been running at all, hopefull get it in this week. 2) the stock return on the red sea tank sucks so I had to replace that with a loc line one 3) Still have a lot of flow adjustments to make prior to coral ready
  9. dshel1217

    Dshel's Red Sea 650 Peninsula Build

    Stand completed and tank on top. Still setting up some of the equipment as time allows and the stand lights are order and the tank lights. I hope to have the sand and dry rock in next week and have the last of the equipment installed
  10. dshel1217

    Dshel's Red Sea 650 Peninsula Build

    It has arrived. Everything looks to be in good shape. The packaging is impressive and my only complaint is some of the stand pieces are under the tank so getting them out from under a 300+lbs tank was fun.
  11. dshel1217

    T5 54w bulbs

    Seeing if anyone has some new or newish sitting around they want to get rid of. Lmk thanks
  12. dshel1217

    Dshel's Red Sea 650 Peninsula Build

    Water station.
  13. dshel1217

    Dshel's Red Sea 650 Peninsula Build

    Livestock........ Clown fish pair Davinci
  14. Pace yourself its going to be a slow build. I realized after setting up my 3rd tank is I don't like building tanks. The drilling overflows, building a sump, the plumbing( I hate plumbing) are more of a chore for me to get the good stuff. Aquascaping, corals, fish, playing with setting is the part I enjoy the most. Therefore plug and play system seems the way to go. TankRed Sea Penunsula 650 (140g)- ordered 10/6 (my birthday ) arrived 10/17 shipped from Houston Flow Jeboa dc return pump Maxijet xf280 2 Jebao RW15 (will replace with MP 40s when I upgrade) Light 3x Radion Gen 3Pro 4x 54w T5 Refugium Light Kessil H380
  15. dshel1217

    All Gone