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  1. dshel1217

    All Gone

  2. dshel1217

    105g Peninsula - updated

    Pmed on Maxspect Gyre XF-150
  3. dshel1217

    Dead rock rubble

  4. dshel1217

    Dead rock rubble

    5gallon bucket full. Comes with a bucket for free! And a top!!! $10 Close to 20lbs
  5. dshel1217

    Free 10 gallon tank

    its gone
  6. dshel1217

    Sold Tank closing sale EQP

    ya but its all packed up
  7. dshel1217


    Price drop to $575 or $525 without pump
  8. dshel1217


    - $575 or $525 without pump 125g 6' reef ready tank with steel stand also comes with 40g sump, 10g ATO, all plumping, screen top, and wood panels. Tank dimensions: 72" x 18" x 21", 4 low profile drains 1", few scratches in glass visible when glass gets dirty Stand: dimensions will add this evening, does have some surface rusting, side panel for mounting controllers, wood panels are all fully removable for maintenance and held in place via magnets. Sump: 40g breeder, 2 4" filter sock holes, skimmer, refugium, return pump area ATO: standard 10g tank Return pump: Jebao DC 900 DC purchased APR 2017 Plumbing: 1" return plumbing, Multiple unions for easy disassemble/cleaning, 4 gate valves to feed reactors/ca reactors ect. Let me know if you have any question want to come by and look ect. Thanks Dave 5125360719
  9. dshel1217


    added cleaner shrimp (thought he was dead) and pistol shrimp goby pair (he was MIA for 6months)
  10. dshel1217


    it does not
  11. dshel1217


    Please PM via the ARC website not through tapatalk I dont have that.
  12. dshel1217


    Lawnmower blenny $20 he does eat gha
  13. dshel1217


    Pickup in NE austin text for address 512536017. We will have to arrange time for pick up and I will catch and put in a bucket prior. Bring a bucket and we can exchange. One spot Foxfox $40 Clown fish 2 med 1 small (the biggest clown is 8yrs old) $15 each 2 sold atx, 1 available Purple tang $50 sold pham Engineer goby $ 10 Blue green chromis 2 $20 both Watchman goby and pistol shrimp $35 Neon dottyback $20 sold cdk Green mandarin $30 Royal gamma $25 sold cdk cleaner shrimp $25
  14. dshel1217

    Sold Tank closing sale EQP

    Nope sorry
  15. dshel1217

    Sold Tank closing sale EQP

    Pick up in NE austin text me for address 5125360719 or downtown during business hours. Paypal to hold. Thanks Dave Red sea pro salt 175g new $50 Sold Cecilia Hanna Cal $30 Pending Salty Avast marine reactor/biopellet $20 sold atx Red Sea color test kit $15Sold $5 each Purigen 1/2+ fullSold Kalkwaser 90% fullSold Calcium mixSold Spectra garlic small pieces 80%fullSold BRS mag, cal $5 each Sold Cecilia hydor nano sold atx $10 Each Bio pellets 1/2 full Sold Cecilia GFO 1/2 full Sold lugols iodine newSold Refracto meter Sold Cecilia Jebao PP40 Sold Cecilia