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  1. Like the title says. Anyone selling some?
  2. So where do all the cool kids buy coral these days? I prefer to buy from fellow reefers of course, but I'm curious what the popular websites are these days. It's been a while since I've looked.
  3. Oh okay! That makes sense. I thought you used the epoxy to attach the rocks to each other.
  4. Couple questions. How did you get the PVC attached to the rock? And how many pieces is it in? It looks great!
  5. Nice! You should take another fts when they get all settled in.
  6. I thought of your tank when I wrote about that. I wonder what the difference is? Maybe your tank is new enough and doesn't have the nutrients? Or enough light? Hopefully it won't end up being a problem for you.
  7. Especially a Springer's damsel. They're little and don't need that much space.
  8. I love that rockscape. That's going to look great! How big is the tank it's in?
  9. Thanks! That's good to hear. I'm excited to finally be able to take some good pics of the tank again. Thanks! I guess they changed manufacturing plants a while back and it just hasn't been the same. The price difference sucks but not as much as dealing with cyano. Hopefully you'll see the same difference!
  10. I should mention some basic things about the tank. It's still getting weekly water changes and has been for over a year. I had problems with cyano, mostly on the sandbed, for the longest time. It was mentioned to me that some other tanks were having unusual problems with io salt so I decided to go back to rscp and just see what happened. Sure enough no more trouble 🤷‍♀️ I don't know for certain if that was the problem (it was the problem) but I'll take it! Let's see... Haven't had my skimmer running in a couple years (please don't kick me out of the club 🙈), I still use the same old kessil lights, the apex setup I got fairly recently, still dose alk with the same old bubble magus doser and occasionally ca, sump is dark 24/7 and full of rubble, no filter socks, tank is fed 4x a day with an auto feeder dropping pellets, occasionally I feed frozen, mostly when I see the eel out. I think that about sums it up. It's really low maintenance which I need right now. It's been such a great tank. I've enjoyed moving some corals around lately so the colors look better. Anyway, here's some pictures! These look good on my phone but they might be blurry on a monitor. Now I'll find the fts to post
  11. Long overdue for an update. Things have been mostly great. Had a few hiccups with alkalinity, nothing major just some swings with minimal damage. Randomly lost a big birdsnest recently that took down a rainbow Stylo growing nicely above it. It's been smooth sailing otherwise. Right now I'm thinking of adding some fish. Probably wrasses. I ended up getting pics of the birdsnest as it receded. It went down fast! I did manage to frag a little of it. This is the first time I noticed brown jelly, and right before I pulled it out The stylo showing skeleton was completely white the next day. No other losses.
  12. So what happened with the reflectors? Were you able to fix them? Get your money back?
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