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What corals handled the cold well?

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I was wondering what corals out there did well and seemed to have survived the cold. Might be useful for future reference. If possible list by genus, species, variety and temperature or any other data you have. I have 2 that I know of. These are ones I sold a while back and were in someone else's tank.

lithophyllon undulatum was in 58-59° for a few days


Turbinaria peltata in that same tank. 58-59° 

signal-2021-02-19-103313 (1).jpg

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I was wondering how everyone tank did through this week. My son and I took turn soaking a glass jar with hot water in the tank to keep the tank around 76-78 degrees. We did it around the clock for 3 days. Most of the corals seems to be ok but did notice some tissue deterioration on my frogspawn. 

Hoping the best to everyone and their tanks.

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All of my zoas, two maxi mini anemones, and two rock flower anemones, survived down to 55 degrees and a 4ppm ammonia spike.

Also about 5% of my mushrooms, and 30% of my bubble tips made it (inferno, sherman, and rainbow)


On the invert side, pods, peanut worms, brittle starfish, Cerith snails, Harlequin, and Sexy shrimps did good. Unfortunately flatworms, and vermetid snails also survived.

I did lose a plague level of spionid worms. Turbos and trochus were fast to go, and I think contributed to the ammonia spike that claimed most of the fish and corals.

I also had two tangs (chevron and desjardini) and a lyretail anthias make it.

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