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  1. Abilene Reef Club! Just kidding there is no such thing...... I would love to be a part of yalls community since its nothing but crickets up here! My name is Jos, and have been reefing for 2 years now, started with a 24g nano tank, moved up due to space limitations and instability to a 40B and 20L sump setup that made everything easier for me, never really got into coral as much, actually just now starting to put money in that area. Just two months ago I started setting up my permanent setup of a 150gal display and 40gal sump, I will upload some pictures later if the website will let me, they are mostly on mobile so I will send them to my computer and reply to the thread with some setup pics if anyone is interested. My focus will be SPS and anemones from now on, and my pride and joy of the tank is a newly acquired Chelmon Marginalis (Margined Butterfly) that fish is a sight to behold, although he ate my acan colony I still love him. I want to connect to close to me reefclubs (I dont mind driving for hours for hobby related things) since I feel very isolated in the Abilene area. I hope yall dont mind letting me creep around this reef club. Cheers!
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