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  1. I bought a beautiful frogspawn months ago and it was doing great!!! I’ve done a few water changes since but the other day I woke up to my frogspawn looking a little deflated (not the first time). Then I noticed it was excreting something. I was alarmed and tested my water. Everything was in safe parameters. By the next day the 2 major heads were dying. It appears the dying process has stopped but something shocked the coral because now the other heads are restricted. Good news is I have about 8 other small heads sprouting and they look healthy and unharmed. Any suggestions? What could have happened?!?!
  2. Hi Jacob,

    I have 3 people heading this way.

    I'll DM you once they leave and let you know what's left.

    How much do you want?

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    2. jacob cumberland
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    4. JoelATX


      You can park in front of the house.

      Text I'll bring parking pass.


  3. I am very interested and would loveeeee to pick some up!!!
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