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What to do about xenia?


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As a newby, I was intrigued by the waving form of xenia. Now it's scattered all over my tank on the live rocks. Two questions:

Is there any way to have it in the tank without it spreading all over the place?

How do you get rid of it? I tried cutting some off, and it grew back from the small amount left on the rock. Any solutions?

Thanks, Roy

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I read the following on aonther board but can't remember where:

Put some kalc paste (or joes juice) in a syringe, needle not required.

Administer some over the area and rub it into the rock the area will be void of stuff for a couple weeks but the paste will eventualy disolve leaving clean rock behind

The first couple times you do this watch your ph so you dont elevate it too much. This could be an issue in a smaller tank so you may have to spread it out over a couple days

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I have a HUGE Xenia on a piece of LR. If it appears that it is going to start to attach to another rock, gently pull it away and turn the rock a bit or adjust the water flow. I love the look of them. I removed about 20 Xenia today from my tank that were offshoots and put them in my Fuge/Sump. I'll sell them for $5/each to anyone that wants one. I do the same with Devil's Hand Finger Leathers.


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Depends on how much Xenia in how big a tank. Anything dying will at the very least cause some ammonia. Some corals and critters have other toxins (Sea Apples for example). As far as I know Xenia is not one of those. However if possible always remove a dead critter from your tank.

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