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Zoanthids for sale


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I have the following for sale:

Eagle Eyes

2 frags of 3 polyps $9 each

Hold 1 for Truckin

1 frag of 5 polyps $15

Hold for Tonya



2 frags of 4 polyps $10 each

Hold 1 for Mama

Hold 1 for vwmike (making an additional frag)

Hold 1 for reef-pug

Hold 1 for innate1 (making an additional frag)


Wam'n Watermelon

1 frag of 4 polyps $12

Hold for Truckin

1 frag of 5 polyps (3 of the polyps are small) $10

Hold for innate1

1 frag of 6 polyps $18

Hold for Tonya

1 frag of 20 polyps (will frag if it doesn't sell) $45


Pink Armageddon

1 frag of seven polyps (1 large, 4 medium, and 2 small polyps) $35


Cherry Bombs

1 frag of 4 polyps $10

Hold for Mama

Hold for innate1 (making an additional frag)


Kedd Redds

1 frag of 5 polyps $10

Hold for reef-pug


Eye of Jupiter

1 frag of 8 polyps $20

Hold for Tonya


I also have a small frag of blue xenia that grows like crazy, faster than my red sea pulsing xenia. $10 Hold for Mama


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Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the late reply. Just getting home from class. I'm thinking that I can meet everyone at RCA sometime between tomorrow and Sunday. What day would work best for everyone? Here is my schedule:

Thursday anytime after 5

Friday anytime after 3:30

Saturday after 12:30

Sunday any time

I'll also edit my original post to mark who is getting what. Thanks!

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I will take the 5 polyps of eagle eyes the one frag of 6 polyps of the watermellon and the eye of jupiter if they are available. I would also like the cherry bombs if you have any more.

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Lets leave it for Saturday, although Laura, if you want to meet today, we can. I'll send you a pm in a bit. I'll update the post a little later to reflect the new requests.

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Tonya and Truckin, I have added your orders in. Truckin - all the Mysticals are spoken for as of right now. If someone backs out, I'll for sure let you know.

Pick Up will be Saturday at 2pm.

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Man I'm always late finding the good stuff. If it's possible to get any mysticals I'd love to get some or the watermelon. I also like the blue xenia. Just let me know if anyone falls through.

Yeah, mysticals are all gone, but if you want the xenia and watermelons, I think I can frag another bit of xenia for the same price and the large watermelon frag/mini colony is still available. Would you like that one? If not, I can frag it down in size and make it more like a 10 polyps frag for $25. Just let me know.

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Today is just fine...you pick the best time for you...I have $30 total order....

Thanks and see you later!!


hey Kaylon...I haven't heard from you...do you want to make it another day? Just give me a jingle at 918-9698 as I will be out in the garden for a WHILE watering my flowers ;-)


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Hello Everyone!

Just a quick reminder that I will be at RCA tomorrow to deliver the goods. I'll be there are 1:30, so if you want to come early, that's fine too.

If anyone wants to add anything to their order, please pm asap!

Thanks again and I'll see you then!

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