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Zoanthids.com Group Buy - Order Has Arrived In Austin!!!!


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I will be placing an order through http://www.zoanthids.com and contacted them about placing a group order. If you would like to participate, please post what your total would be (and maybe what you are ordering too). I would like to close the order by this Sunday so we can ship Monday or Tuesday of the following week. The look like they have some really nice zoas and palys.


Thanks for your inquiry. We love Aquarium Societies and can offer you 10% off for your group buy. Just spread the word throughout your clubs and each person can place their individual order by using the code below during checkout: ARCMAA

We can offer free shipping to one location as long as the orders combined total is over $295. Just tell your members to choose "local pickup" during checkout to ensure they're not charged shipping. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Best regards,



**** Order should be shipping on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery ***** THE ORDER HAS ARRIVED IN AUSTIN

Orders Placed:










Bill B

*** Meeting location will be the ChuckECheese parking lot between 12:15 and 12:45 - next to McDonalds & and across from Aquatek ***

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I'd like 1x of the Super Metallic Blue Zoos Green Skirts $22 as vividaquariums.com just ran out.

I am picking some of these up too. Super nice looking. :D

Here is what I am picking up:

Candy Apple Pink Palythoa




Toxic Yellows


Super Metallic Blue Zoos Green Skirts


Purple Hornet Zoos Next Generation


Nuclear Flames


AOI Zoos


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Were you able to get the Super Metallic Blue Zoos while they were still listed as in stock?

I didn't try it on this site...are they out now? If so, Perhaps I can defray someone's cost by getting 1-2 polyps of theirs.

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Very strange - My reply musta gone elsewhere. Anywas - any good guesses how big these polyps are? Many on vividaq.. came in at live 1/4".



Not really sure. The Palythoas usually have bigger polyps than the zoanthids.

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I'm trying to get in on this group order put it is chargeing me shipping. Local pick up is not available. Any one else having this problem or am I doing something wrong?


Select the "Utah Location" for local pickup. This should be on the first screen when you check out.

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Just placed my order...could only get three after finding out one of the dogs I adopted out needs to see a behaviorist. I'd rather help my adopter pay for the visit than risk him being returned. I am finally down to 8 dogs and it's a nice change!!!


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I ordered

AOI zoos

Bleeding metalic red/pinc paly


Lady Lightning

Sublime Limes

mine was 125 so we should have free shipping. Depending on what time they get in Tues. I may need to get mine late after patients. Anyone who got the purple hornents and wants to frag a few polyps I would be glad to do the same and trade for something I have.

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Here is a little bit of info from zoanthids.com

The frags will be individually labeled as well. What we usually do is label the frag bags with the name of the coral and the customer, then rubber band together all the frags that belong to that customer. I hope that made sense.

We will be adding some more zoas and palys either tonight or tomorrow, or both.

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I ordered the following:

1 x Sublime Limes Zoos Introductory Offer $20.00

1 x Dragon Queen Palythoa $29.00

1 x Galacticas Zoanthids LIMITED $30.00

1 x Yellow Dalmatians Zoas $24.00

1 x Smashers Zoos $29.00

$118.80 after discount.

Thanks Jennifer.

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Cool...I use to live near 360 and 2222 (Lakewood).

I am going to have to pass this time. I ended up ordering a frag pack from a guy at reefcentral and I don't think my wife will be too happy with me spending more money elsewhere. But everyone, please post your actual pictures when you get them, so I can regret my decision. :D

It looks like you have enough though. Good Luck with the order!

I work near 360 @ 2222 and live in South Austin (Circle C area). These will be delivered to my work address.
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