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  1. I'd like to get in on this, if you haven't ordered yet.
  2. Looking for some colorful Zoa/Paly frags. Need an excuse to foolishly spend my tax return.
  3. jknight1

    Live rock

    pm sent. Thanks for heads up Isaac.
  4. nothing too big since it will be going in nano. Thanks,
  5. Looking for a small to medium frag. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Aqua Illumination Vega Color fixture, Black color, used for about a year or so. Just the fixture and older style controller (which can be a pain to use but works), no rail or hanging kit. SOLD!
  7. Looking for some small frags of Superman or undata montipora. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Preferably some kedds reds or zombie eyes. Thanks, Jeff
  9. I'd like to get in on this as well
  10. Some of these might be long shots but figured I'd give it a shot. Looking for small frags of the following. ORA Yellow Lantana monti Bali slimer Strawberry wine zoas Alien eye zoas, blue with neon green centers Thanks, Jeff
  11. Bump. Still for sale. $125. PayPal to hold.
  12. Might get in on this as well. Maybe $20-$40.
  13. I've never fed mine and they seem to grow pretty fast anyways. But I like to keep my feedings as minimal as I can. I occasionally (once a week) feed my smaller acan colonies but I stop once they get a decent size. And I would only feed one or two heads, never all of them at once.
  14. I basically do a 10 hour schedule with 2 hours of actinic, 6 hours at peak, and another 2 hours of actinics. That's the schedule I've done with all my tanks and have gotten good results.
  15. Selling my Kessil A150W Ocean Blue LED. It's their 15K light, looks more like a 20K, pretty blue. Bought it new around December of last year so probably around 7-8 months of use. No gooseneck, have the hanging kit that came with it, just needs a wire or chain (didn't come with it). Asking $150 obo. Thanks, Jeff
  16. Want to buy some small to medium frags of Pink birdsnest Green birdsnest Superman monti Jedi mind trick monti Appleberry monti Thanks Jeff
  17. I agree on the asterina's. I have quite a few in my 10 gallon and I hardly ever have to scrape the coraline algae. Not very big but once they multiply, they can handle quite a bit.
  18. A Blue Throat Triggerfish might be your best bet. I've read that they are one of the more "reef safe" triggers, but I'd still keep a close eye on it.
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