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OTHER pet thread


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We are all familiar with each other's tanks and our pets in there, but what other pets do you all have?

Post a pic!

Here is out 13 yr old yellow lab, Bronwyn and our newly rescued pug named Bart. Bart likes to sit on my lap and watch the fish, Bronwyn likes to lie on her back.



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Buddy (top of the chair) is part dachshund, part terrier (we think Jack Russel). Got him from local shelter.

Bella is part German Shepard, part terrier. She was found on brother-in-laws ranch near Corpus.

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Here's our Baby - she was a pound hound when we rescued her, and is 1/2 dachshund, and 1/2 border collie. Think of her as a truly "jacked up" dachshund, or a stretch version of a border collie. She's about 10 this year. Her fur is as soft as silk, and she is really loving.

Unfortunately, she is cursed with allergies to just about everything under the sun, including chicken, corn, potatoes and so forth. Our most excellent vet knows her record by heart - just keeps Baby's folder on her desk.


This is our latest adoptee - she showed up on our back porch one evening last year, starved to death. I seriously thought her face had been mushed in by a close encounter with a car or something. She was about 4.5 pounds, sweet as a cat can be, and we figured her for a kitten.

When the vet examined her however, we learned different. She had been bred for the smushed face. It makes it a challenge for her to eat or drink. She was also about two years old, and pregnant with five or six kittens.

The vet told us she was (1) a very expensive cat (a "Chocolate Tipped Himalyan"), (2) extrememly malnourished probably from being in the wild for many weeks, and (3) would not survive birthing the kittens. Obviously, we choose to save her and the vet bill proved to us she was a very expensive cat!

She's now up to seven pounds, and is actually the alpha-cat around here. She stands up on her back legs and slaps the dog and other cat around, just to let them know who is the boss. :D She is actualy the sweetest thing your ever did see, and purrs almost continuously.

Oh, those eyes look orange in this picture - I don't know why. They are really the deepest, clearest cerulean blue you can imagine.


And here is the Queen Herself - a three year old Egyptian Mau named Persephone (family name of Sephie). Fat and sassy describes this one to a tee. She cat-cusses at me on a regular basis.

And she is a bolter, always trying to get out the back door. When she does get out, she discovers that she would much prefer to be back inside! Indeed, she has pulled a Wile E. Coyote on me, doing a full body four legged splayed out SPLAT! on the glass in our back door, then sliding down to the ground.

She is however, super sweet and always ready to give cat kisses and snuggle. When she is not teasing the dog by trying to steal the dog food - or getting into other mischief. :)


I'm not a very good photographer at all, but I hope you enjoy these.

-Paul & Karen

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