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6 lamp T5 54w HO Fixtures for sale


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I have 2 new T5 fixtures for sale with lamps

6 lamp HO 54W

Has on/off switch

Lamps are included 5000k, you can replace if you want but they come with it.

All new and never been used

120.00 each

I will trade for nice tangs preferable a powder blue or purple tang or a large clam preferable gigas

[email protected] or 512-897-7259



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pretty much Although I am sure you could hood mount it. I plan on gutting the contents into my new hood......whenever I get around to building it....anyone want to lend me a table saw???

I have done somehting similar to my current canopy setup. I bought a 6L T5 fixture and just used the interior guts

as the retrofit kit. This was lots cheaper then buying three seperate 2L T5 retrofit kit. I place the ballast on the long

sides of the canopy (one on each side or weight distribution). I have large vent slots on the back of the canopy and

1.5" dia. holes on top to act as convection. You can actually feel the convection process by placing your hands over the

dia holes. So far 75 gal. tank is running great w/ no chiller.

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