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Hello, have some colorful SPS fags for sale. 

Red Dragon $25 - 2 available Sold

Large Red Dragon $30 - 1 available Sold

Cali Tort $25 - 1 available 

ORA Borealis $25 - 1 available Sold

Rainbow Stylo $20 - 2 available 1 Sold, 1 pending pickup

Paletta Blue Stag $10 - 2 available 

Green Body Blue Tip Stag $10 - 2 available 

Green Tip Torch $20 - 3 available 

Red Dragon.JPGCali Tort.jpg

Red Dragon- awesome deep red color                                                                     Cali Tort- deep blue with hints of green

ORA Borealis.JPGRainbow Stylo.JPG

ORA Borealis- green with radiant light blue growth tips                                           Rainbow Stylo- cool multi colored stylo 

Paletta Blue.JPGPaletta Bliue Colony.JPG

Paletta Blue Stag- blue body with baby blue growth tips                                        Paletta Colony (nfs)

Blueberry Colony.JPGGreen Torch.JPG

Green Body Blue Tip Stag Colony (nfs) *white tips are blue in person                     Green Tip Torch- large frags with awesome color!  


Come by and get some great looking corals. Other fresh cut frags available. 



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